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Video Podcasting with Blogger + Feedburner

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  • Joshua Kinberg
    Some people on this list are already Video Podcasting. Here is a tutorial that just came through on the iPodder-dev list that tells you how to use Blogger
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2004
      Some people on this list are already "Video Podcasting." Here is a
      tutorial that just came through on the iPodder-dev list that tells you
      how to use Blogger and Feedburner to set up your RSS feed with
      enclosures so that you can video podcast too!


      From: Lisa Williams <lisa@...>
      Date: December 27, 2004 11:25:07 PM EST
      To: ipodder-dev@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [ipodder-dev] Video podcasting...
      Reply-To: ipodder-dev@yahoogroups.com

      Now, I've used Feedburner, and I use "rel=enclosures" to indicate what
      Feedburner should generate an enclosure tag for.  What if Tom did a
      link like this:

      <a href ="http://tomswebsite.com/podcasts/tomsvideo.wmv"
      rel="enclosure">Tom's Video Podcast #33</a>

      (Ignore the /pre tag, I'm putting it there so that HTML email doesn't
      just show the link instead of the whole line of text...)

      Feedburner has some documentation on this at:
      http://forums.feedburner.com/viewtopic.php?t=20%c2%a0 Here's an excerpt:

      If you want FeedBurner to create the podcast enclosure from a specific
      link, rather than the first eligible one it finds, insert
      rel="enclosure" as an attribute of the anchor tag. This attribute
      forces FeedBurner to ignore other links and try to use this one first.

      Quicker Posting of Podcast items with Blogger If you publish with
      Blogger, you can also post Podcast items to your blog by using an
      optional "Link" field Blogger offers. With the SmartCast service
      applied to your burned feed, FeedBurner uses the URL you enter in this
      field to create an RSS 2.0 enclosure element.

      The Link field is not enabled by default in Blogger. Follow the steps
      listed in this Blogger Help Topic to enable it.

      To post a Podcast-able item within Blogger:

      1. Click the Posting tab to begin a new post.

      2. If you enabled the Link field, it should now appear below Title on
      the posting form.

      3. Place your Podcast media URL in this field. Be sure to include the
      http:// protocol part of the URL.

      4. Publish your Post. The title of the post will link directly to the
      item in a web browser. In your FeedBurner feed, the item will link to
      the original Blogger post, but an <enclosure> element will contain the
      URL from the Link field.
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