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Re: camera recommendations?

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  • wazman_au
    Do some research that the camera you buy isn t prone to arbitrary condensation shutdowns. I ve got a JVC GR70 model that I got very cheap as an open-box
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 1, 2005
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      Do some research that the camera you buy isn't prone to
      arbitrary "condensation" shutdowns.

      I've got a JVC GR70 model that I got very cheap as an "open-box"
      item at Best Buy. It's been pretty good, although the zoom mechanism
      and the tape whine come through on the audio pretty strongly at

      But a couple of times the condensation feature has shut it down for
      an hour or so. Admittedly this was in extreme conditions once or
      twice - skiing in subzero conditions and then going into the warmth
      and humidity of a ski lodge. But warming the camera to a point that
      would get rid of any condensation doesn't seem to fix the problem -
      you just seem to have to sit and wait an hour, which is really

      I would recommend looking for an open-box, but check out the
      warranty and DO think about why the person might have returned it
      (i.e. crappy quality, poor functionality). And search the web to see
      if many people have had the condensation problem occurring for no
      apparent reason.


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