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Re: [videoblogging] Re: reality check?

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  • R. Kristiansen
    Hey all, Having been off-line for some time I missed all of this thread, and I suppose it is far too long already, but here is my take. Videoblogging is a
    Message 1 of 156 , Jul 16, 2005
      Hey all,

      Having been off-line for some time I missed all of this thread, and I
      suppose it is far too long already, but here is my take.

      Videoblogging is a medium, like paper. You can use the paper to write
      your personal journal, or you can write constitutions for countries on
      it. You can write with only the intended audience of yourself, or you
      can write on it and put it in a bottle and place it on the ocean.

      I like paper to be available to everyone. Someone will use it to draw
      nasty pictures of headless torsos, others will write songs where they
      hail Goebbels, others will write poems, or stories about imaginary
      worlds, or letters to their loved ones. Like paper, videoblogging
      should be available to all. Like paper, I don't think you should need
      to pass a test of being entertaining, interesting or engaging to use
      this medium.

      Reality check - there are all kinds of realities. My reality here in
      Northern Norway is very different from your reality in Texas, USA.
      Three guys make video for three different reasons. They have different
      expectations, different intended audiences, and I must say I disagree
      with the notion that "If you publish it online you Want as many people
      to view it as possible". I didn't get in on the Wired story because I
      didn't reply to the friendly journalist, and I feel happy about that.
      But then just a few days ago a Norwegian site gave a link to my site
      along with their review of vlogmap.org, and on came some of those lame
      14-year olds and one went "This site is stupid; where are your
      videos?". I didn't intend for dltq.blogs.com (and now dltq.org) to be
      Too easily accessible. Yes, that is elitist thinking, and I am
      improving from this condition of thinking. (But it does lead to less
      vlog entries from me)

      I guess I belong to both group 1) and 2) according to Kontras'
      distinction. I am both experimenting with the medium and also I am
      involved in trying to spread the word. I want my personal soapbox with
      content for my 'ten friends', and I also want to give some general
      statements meant for a wider audience.

      Leslie brought up an important question, but as several people have
      pointed out: Our material doesn't need to be seen as attempts of
      making TV. Who is to say that our content is to be entertaining? Is
      entertainment the highest we can get?

      The flame war on this mailing list is unfortunate, and did leave a few
      loose feathers, but personally I liked it. I hope people get past the
      negativity and acknowledge that we do things for a lot of different
      reasons. It was unfortunate that Adam saw this videoblogging list as a
      group he doesn't want to like, but as he wrote here
      (http://www.4tvs.com/Journey/yearsix/entries/J436-070705.html), he
      sure managed to alienate himself. For those of you who feel bad about
      him leaving as a result of this flame-war; he was planning that all
      along, and he wanted to ruffle a few feathers first. Congratulations.

      Let a thousand vlogospheres bloom. We don't need to be on one mailing
      list all of us. Let's explore the opportunities, and see what we can
      do with this fancy new paper of ours.

      Best regards,
      - goes and makes a paper airplane now and throws it over the Atlantic.
      Dang, it falls short.

      On 7/15/05, Steve Watkins <steve@...> wrote:
      > He is on a journey. This group at one stage appeared to be a possible
      > important road on this journey, but at some stage it became clear that
      > some of the videoblogging ethos was totally counter to his personal
      > journey. Its understandable that a professional entertainer seeking a
      > suitable place in the world is going to see things differently to the
      > grassroot massroots potential that many videobloggers get excited about.
      > Some people can handle being in a group when their feelings are in the
      > minority, some cant. E L Woody springs to mind as another person used
      > to a career/pro divide, us and them, the watcher and the gifted
      > creator, who didnt give or receive the best vibes here. Is this a
      > pattern?
    • Ian Mills
      Hmm.. What about a 4 minute mockumentry? It ll be cool to get something i ve created on channel 4. But 4 minutes? that d be a challege. ah. but wait. do i lose
      Message 156 of 156 , Jul 18, 2005
        Hmm.. What about a 4 minute mockumentry? It'll be cool to get
        something i've created on channel 4. But 4 minutes? that'd be a

        ah. but wait. do i lose all rights to my stuff if i submit anything?
        ha. if so. no.

        - Ian

        On 18/07/05, ro9core <ro_core@...> wrote:
        > --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Rupert Howe <rupert@f...> wrote:
        > > Channel 4 in the UK are launching a documentary channel with content
        > > provided by the public.
        > > www.channel4.com/fourdocs
        > Brilliant site, really interesting and well put together.
        > > Actually, today's London Evening Standard calls it "the first ever vlog
        > > site".
        > It's the first that matters.
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