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new vlogger - dave toole of outhink

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  • Markus Sandy
    Hi all, I ve been helping vloggify a few friends during this summer of vlog and am happy to announce that my good friend Dave Toole has his feedburner feed
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005
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      Hi all,

      I've been helping "vloggify" a few friends during this "summer of vlog" and am happy to announce that my good friend Dave Toole has his feedburner feed up and is vlogging!

      Dave and I were dormmates in college 30 years ago and he is a great guy working hard to help creative professionals pursue their passions.  That's one of his passions (and mine too).  He's starting to vlog about it.

      Dave is a very creative guy (I was his band's sound geek back in college).  He's well known in silicon valley and meets interesting folks all the time.  Dave had lunch with J.D. Lassica the day before yesterday and I'm hoping he'll blog/vlog about that soon.

      Dave and I are also sponsoring the "after BlogHer vlogger meetup & dinner" in Santa Clara on July 30th.  We are sponsoring Ryanne's trip to California for BlogHer and I talked Jay in to joining us too.  Should be a great time and we will definitely be vlogging BlogHer and the meetup afterwards on all our vlogs (and spinflow.org too).  More info soon on this event (the coordinator for the meetup is getting her vlog ready too - I'll announce that next week - then another, and another..)

      Dave's vlog is: http://outhink.blogs.com
      feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/outhinkblog

      Please drop by his site and say hello, he really loves meeting new people.

      Disclosure: I coordinate http://spinflow.org under a sponsorship from 
      Outhink, Inc.  I also have equity in Outhink and have helped design and 
      implement some of their products and services as an independent contractor.

      Markus Sandy
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