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Re: [videoblogging] iTunes wants metadata

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  • Jan
    Okie-doakie. Hangin in there for feedburner to catch up. Thanks for your expert advice, Ryan. :) Jan -- It isn t done alone. http://fauxpress.blogspot.com
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 29, 2005

      Hangin' in there for feedburner to catch up. Thanks for your expert advice,
      Ryan. :)


      "It isn't done alone."

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      > On 6/29/05, Jan <vze4pnhk@...> wrote:
      >> Had a moment this morning to update iTunes on the PC and find my
      >> podcast listed (having gotten into Curry's podcast directory).
      >> iTunes does not show the info properly so I set about to hack the
      >> atom.xml file.
      > The good news is, you've got the hang of iTunes' special tags -- at
      > least at the channel level (each item can be tagged, too). The bad
      > news is, I don't think they'll work in an Atom feed. The tags are an
      > extension of RSS, and Atom is a competing syndication format. (It
      > doesn't look good for Atom, either, despite Google's backing, given
      > that Apple, Microsoft, and Yahoo all seem committed to simply
      > extending RSS.)
      > Since you're using Blogspot (a Google property), you only get an Atom
      > feed... unless you pass it through Feedburner. At which point, it's
      > Feedburner that has to do tweaking to add iTunes' tags, as they
      > generate the RSS.
      > The (other) good news is, Feedburner has commited itself to
      > supporting iTunes tags, as well as other extensions (i.e. Yahoo!
      > MediaRSS).
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