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open-media project pt 4

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  • Jay Dedman
    with this cool new video commenting page we; re working on...the issue of bandwidth and storage keeps coming up. its an issue for sure. i keep talking about
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2004
      with this cool new video commenting page we;'re working on...the issue of
      bandwidth and storage keeps coming up.
      its an issue for sure.

      i keep talking about the http://Open-Media.org project.
      they now have a mission statement written by JD Lasica.
      supposedly they may have somthing up by next month.
      it seems like synchronicity that we're maiing videos right as they're
      creating an permanent archive.


      Open Media

      An initiative to advance personal media

      We are in the midst of the greatest boon in grassroots creativity in ages.
      Tools once available only to a professional elite are now being taken up by
      everyday citizens. Just as weblogs brought millions of people into the media
      ecosystem, so too are new tools empowering individuals to create video,
      audio, playlists, and other works of personal media and to share them with a
      global audience.

      The personal media revolution is turning visual. Digital stories, video
      diaries, documentary journalism, home-brew political ads, music videos, fan
      films, Flash animations, student films, parodies of Hollywood films — all
      kinds of short multimedia works have begun to flower. Alas, the most
      compelling ones are scattered across the Web or hidden away on thousands of
      PCs, laptops and closed networks. These works deserve a wider audience.

      Open-Media.org is an open source media project that seeks to expose,
      preserve, and advance works of grassroots creativity (chiefly, but not
      limited to, amateur video). Individuals, communities and organizations have
      begun telling digital stories that enthrall, entertain and often move
      audiences to take positive action. Plain text or the cool detachment of
      "objective" media do not come close to matching the emotional power of
      multimedia stories laced with personal narrative.

      Open Media is three things in one:

      • an open-source platform to bring personal media to the desktop;

      • a destination Web site, to launch soon at www.open-media.org;

      • eventually, it will evolve into a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
      advancing amateur, hobbyist, semi-professional, and professional visual
      works and other media.

      Unlike other initiatives that are pure-play stand-alone Web sites, Open
      Media's vision is to bring personal media to millions of desktops through
      playlists, video jukeboxes, visual albums, and built-in media libraries.
      Ther epository will run the gamut from Creative Commons-licensed works to
      public domain works to fully copyrighted works.

      Brewster Kahle and his Internet Archive are supporting this project with
      free storage and bandwidth for grassroots video works. Why a visual
      repository? Open-Media.org will serve as a central resource to bring
      grassroots video under one umbrella; it will serve as a learning toolkit on
      how to create rich and compelling works; it will serve as a community space;
      and it will serve as an archive so that these works are preserved for the
      ages. For those who grant permission, it will also serve as a clearinghouse
      that allows others to search for video, download it, and reuse or remix it,
      with proper attribution.

      Supporting this project are thought leaders in the creative community,
      technologists, educators, and digital-preservation librarians. Rather than
      relying on a paid staff, the goal is to build a do-it-yourself platform that
      lets users anywhere in the world upload material, download shareable media,
      rank their favorite works, and offer commentary and tutorials. All for free.

      Over time, we expect Open-Media.org to grow into the world's largest
      repository of home-brew media.

      Jay Dedman
      Manhattan Neighborhood Network
      537 West 59th
      NY NY 10019
      212 757 2670 ext.312
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