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Re: [videoblogging] Polivlog 2005 / Technorati Tagging

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  • Jan McLaughlin
    Dear Raymond, A great lot of subtle political vlogging goes on, like this for example: http://fauxpress.blogspot.com/2005/04/faux-press-vlog-bridges.html Do
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2005
      Dear Raymond,

      A great lot of subtle political vlogging goes on, like this for

      Do you intend to focus on / promote less subtle / more in-your-face
      manifestations of the process with this, or is poetical political
      acceptable? :)

      Perhaps a tagging / metadata campaign would work? To tag things
      "polivlog" or something similar? So that you could more easily locate /
      aggregate those vlog entries that are in keeping with political

      I'm still a bit confused about / put off by the Technorati tagging
      thing even though I've read the FAQ. Coding vlog entries is not my
      favorite thing. Wish Technorati could pick up on metadata included in
      the .mov file.


      "It isn't done alone" - Ian Watson, Love Detective & Staff Writer

      On May 1, 2005, at 4:57 AM, R. Kristiansen wrote:

      > Here is a re-distribution of my latest post on my videoblog:
      > http://dltq.blogs.com/vlog/2005/05/polivlog_2005.html
      > What do you think?
      > Best,
      > Raymond M. Kristiansen
      > http://dltq.blogs.com
      > ***
      > Polivlog = Political videoblog
      > Polivlog 2005 = My initiative for more political videoblogging in 2005
      > and beyond. I start it today.
      > About polivlog 2005
      > Ever since I started videoblogging back in December 2004, my main aim
      > has been to use this new approach to media for political purposes. We
      > are currently in the middle of an election campaign here in Norway,
      > and things are heating up. Actually, today is May 1st, the labour day
      > here in Norway, and this afternoon Jens Stoltenberg, the president of
      > the labour party, will hold a speech here in Bergen. Jens Stoltenberg
      > wants to be the prime minister here in Norway after the parliamentary
      > elections on September 12th. I will do all I can to stop him.
      > My political party is the Norwegian Liberal Party - we are firmly in
      > the centre of the Norwegian political spectrum, and we have cooperated
      > both with the left and the right. We are currently in a coalition
      > government together with the Conservatives and the
      > Christian-Democrats. Personally I have my reasons to dislike both of
      > those parties, but they are better than the alternatives right now.
      > Our party is pragmatic, yet firm on our ideology. We are small, and
      > our current popular backing is at about 4%. We are small, yet we are
      > important. Our 4% count for a lot in the parliamentary situation of
      > today.
      > In this election campaign, the socialists will do whatever they can to
      > spread lies about the current government. Erm, let me rephrase that...
      > In this election campaign, the socialists will do whatever they can to
      > make things look worse than they are. It is my job, as editor of the
      > member's magazine of the youth branch of our party, to work against
      > some of this. It is my function as blogging and videoblogging
      > responsible in our whole party to give our politicians and volunteers
      > tools to spread OUR part of the story. I don't want the traditional
      > media game to continue. I don't like the old talk-shows where each
      > party is given 30 seconds to sell their "point". Politics is serious
      > business, and I don't want to reduce it to some fucking circus.
      > Debates take time, facts need to be uncovered, and spread, and
      > different ideologies need to meet - in a dialogue.
      > The blogosphere and vlogosphere are two of my most important tools in
      > this election campaign. To be honest, there is not much of a
      > vlogosphere here in Norway yet - as far as I know, I am still the only
      > really active videoblogger here in Norway. I hope to be able to show
      > how vlogging can help individuals, organizations or parties during
      > this election campaign. I hope to show how videoblogging can be about
      > more than whatever funny thing we happen to see in our neighbourhood,
      > or some pretty flower.
      > Polivlog 2005 is my initiative to spread the word of political
      > videoblogging in Norway and abroad. We need to help organizations to
      > start videoblogging. We need to show political parties, NGOs,
      > individual pundits and others that videoblogging can be a highly
      > effective and very low-budget approach to PR.
      > If you are interested in Polivlog 2005, I urge you to help. You don't
      > have to join my team, you don't have to subscribe to my tag or steal
      > the badge that I will make, but I would be happy if we could
      > communicate about how to spread political videoblogging. Or
      > organizational videoblogging, if you wish. (I just think polivlog
      > sounds way cooler!!)
      > Polivlog 2005 is about organizational videoblogging; it is about using
      > videoblogging to share information about issues that concerns our
      > society. Be it our street, our village, or our planet.
      > There is so much information out there - we just need to spread it,
      > aggragate it, and use it.
      > Polivlogging might just be what we need to grow as a global society.
      > Truly grow and learn from each other.
      > Want to help?
      > (ps. Yes, I know that I am active in a certain political party myself,
      > and that you might wonder if I am mixing the issues here. I disagree
      > with a lot of what the socialists are saying, but I am no bigot. I
      > would LOVE to help the socialists, communists, racists,
      > christian-conservatives or outright maniacs to videoblog. I would be
      > happy to tell any political opponent about videoblogging and how it
      > can help us all communicate. My goal is to enhance the freedom of
      > speech, not just help my own little political party in our race
      > against the other parties. Oh, and another disclaimer: Yes, I work for
      > a blogging software company. I am videoblogging responsible at
      > BlogSoft)
      > ps2: Thank you to Peter for giving me the polivlog word. I pronounce
      > it with a 'f'.
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
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