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79593Re: Why Bilip TV? [videoblogging] Digest Number 6243

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  • Chad Boeninger
    Jun 11, 2014
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      Blip also offered automatic cross-posting to your blog, iTunes, and other video hosts such as YouTube.  For the stats nerds out there, Blip was way ahead of the game with views, engagements, and other statistics.  You could upload your own video thumbnail, and later scrub to a point in the video to choose a frame for the thumbnail (features only available to YouTube pro accounts now).  As Jen said, the encoding was much better at Blip.  You could also post videos to Blip via email, which I did from my old school Palm Treo way back in 2005.  Finally,   I always appreciated, much like I still do with Vimeo, that there were actual people working there, rather than just the Google Machine.

      On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 10:35 AM, Jen Proctor proctorjen@... [videoblogging] <videoblogging@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Congratulations to all you videobloggers indeed! It changed my life and my video practice, and even changed that of my students, after I got to teach a videoblogging class at the University of Iowa.

      To Trine's question, my recollection is that at the time, YouTube's flash video conversion was ugly - it just didn't look good - and Blip was one of the few reliable places that would allow you to upload and embed a file of your choice (with your own compression standards). It was more of a technical/aesthetic concern. YouTube was just regarded as sub-par, and it's funny, even though YouTube is now quite excellent, I still harbor that disdain and reluctance to post there. Ha.

      Blip, of course, was also very communicative with our community and responded quickly and helpfully to support, so in a lot of ways, they were directly involved with the growth and health of the videoblogging movement. We knew them personally - they came to Vloggercon - and so they developed a loyalty among vloggers.

      I'm excited to read your work when you're done, Trine!


      Chad F. Boeninger
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