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79592Re: Why Bilip TV? [videoblogging] Digest Number 6243

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    Jun 11, 2014
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      Hi everyone,

      Just the same with me on 2 points :
      I have a class, or a workshop in my university in which we practice videoblogging ( 8 to 10 productions each year).

      As for bliptv, same : it was the only one that welcomed us…


      Le 11 juin 2014 à 16:35, Jen Proctor proctorjen@... [videoblogging] <videoblogging@yahoogroups.com> a écrit :


      Congratulations to all you videobloggers indeed! It changed my life and my video practice, and even changed that of my students, after I got to teach a videoblogging class at the University of Iowa.

      To Trine's question, my recollection is that at the time, YouTube's flash video conversion was ugly - it just didn't look good - and Blip was one of the few reliable places that would allow you to upload and embed a file of your choice (with your own compression standards). It was more of a technical/aesthetic concern. YouTube was just regarded as sub-par, and it's funny, even though YouTube is now quite excellent, I still harbor that disdain and reluctance to post there. Ha.

      Blip, of course, was also very communicative with our community and responded quickly and helpfully to support, so in a lot of ways, they were directly involved with the growth and health of the videoblogging movement. We knew them personally - they came to Vloggercon - and so they developed a loyalty among vloggers.

      I'm excited to read your work when you're done, Trine!


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