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79581Re:commercialization & the cops

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  • fluxrostrum
    Jun 2, 2014
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      A) There are very few "participants" in life these days. When everyone
      is experiencing a moment through their own lens there's hardly anything
      worth filming.

      B) You can record blatant evidence of police brutality and 1/3 the
      people will find a way to justify it 1/3 will be outraged and 1/3 will
      be too frightened by it to acknowledge it's existence. People catch
      cops brutalizing people ALL THE TIME. not just the couple times a year
      that MSM decides it's worth talking about. This evidence is frequently
      not allowed in court. If 10 people are filming with their cell
      phones... maybe 1 or 2 of those publish it. And cops routinely harass
      the people filming them with out repercussion.

      C) Sure, the little guy can still make it big in online video, just like
      debbie sue from iowa can make it big in Hollywood. 1 in a millon. And
      you are only going to be the "1" if you dress like big business, edit
      like big business and talk about the same ol shit that the MSM pushes.
      There are niche markets that if you find it 1st and produce good content
      and stick it out .. you might be able to make a living on your own

      But if you expect the GooTube to defend your content again a bigger fish
      you are sadly mistaken. I've had youtube stars steal my footage and
      youtube slap ME with a cease and desist. I've had you tube "stars"
      republish entire videos as their own MONETIZED video and youtube Not
      take action.

      My most watched original, monetized content has been most watched on
      other peoples channels. Youtube would not do anything in most cases and
      when they did it was Months (while it was hot) before action was taken.
      Never did I receive the ad revenue that the other channel generated from
      my content.
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