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79578Re: Hello Ten Years

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  • mikemoon_ca
    Jun 1, 2014
      Wow, 10 years.
      As I've been busy moving videos (1,100+) from Blip to YouTube, but taking the time to rewatch my captured moments from the spring of 2006 when I got started.
      Some of it so embarrassing, i can't even rewatch.
      This group was pivotal in helping me through the learning curve of this thing called Video Blogging.

      I captured a food wrapper that blew down the street...it was silly, but  I was learning.
      circa 2006
      Journey with Beginning


      Anyhow, still dribbling out stuff. You can find me on YouTube under mikemoondotca

      For sure the funnest part is looking back at our old videos.
      We need a REUNWEEK.

      Mike Moon
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