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  • admnory
    Jun 1, 2014
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      Hi all, 

      Happy Anniversary to the list! And thank you to Jay for starting this thread! 

      Great to hear from so many old names!

      Here comes my own story of videoblogging, my recollection of my thoughts back then, and my thoughts now. 

      I came pretty late to the scene, at least that was the way I felt about it myself back then. 

      On December 23rd, 2004, I was online, scanning for interesting news, and things to write about on my blog. I went to Metafilter, and there I saw this thread:

      I had been interested in blogging since 99 or so (livejournal, yay!), and I thought the concept of "video blog" was interesting. 

      That first video, by Dylan Verdi, is unfortunately not online anymore (or new hosting), but you can see the blog entry here: http://dylanverdi.com/index.php/2004/12/20/yo-check-this-out/

      I watched the video three times in a row. Then those neurons started blasting, and I walked around the room. I then found Jay Dedman's site at Momentshowing (offline), and I saw some of his videos, and then I saw "Super 8 Opera" by Ryan Hodson: http://ryanedit.blogspot.no/2004/12/super-8-opera.html

      Quotes from the Super 8 Opera video, the first part:
      "This is about talking, communicating". 
      "I've run out of tape, I've run out of hard drive space, and I've ran out of bandwidth"

      In January 2005, I went to New York to attend VloggerCon. The conference sessions are online here: http://vloggercon.blogspot.no/2005/02/vloggercon-05-conference-sessions.html

      Besides Deirdré and her daughter, I think I was the only vlogger coming in from Europe. 

      In the spring of 2005, I held a workshop about videoblogging and social media in Sarajevo, and spent way too much time uploading videos to my archives (http://www.dltq.org/media)

      In September 05, my work with political videoblogging here in Norway led to an interview by The World, which works with BBC News: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4229698.stm

      That same month, we were some Euro-vloggers who gathered in Amsterdam for VlogEurope 2005 (some of my footage: http://dltq.org/media/amsterdammoments1.mov). I don't remember how many we were - 20-30ish? But it was great discussions. I remember one important discussion was about "Videoblogging for our grand-children", and we talked a lot about how we can ensure that our media is safe for the coming decades. That topic has only increased in relevance the last years, especially for those of us who put our stuff on Blip.tv


      In 2005, I also started a collaborative web-site called Evilvlog together with Michael Meiser. http://www.evilvlog.com was active 2005-08, but mostly in 05-06. I still have a list of the categories of that wordpress blog - the categories ran up to over 1000...

      Evilvlog was snarky and over-the-top at times, but I still feel that it was a very special experience. 

      In 2006, I attended VloggerCon 2006 in San Francisco (http://archive.org/search.php?query=vloggercon). It was so much bigger than the 05! More sponsors, more attendees, more discussions about where to take this medium. At VloggerCon that year, Robert Scoble also talked with several of us talking about leaving Microsoft, and that created it's own sub-genre. 

      We had 4 more VlogEurope sessions that I helped co-organize the following years:

      2006 - Milan. Wonderfully hosted by Deirdre!
      2007 - Heidelberg
      2008 - Budapest
      2009 - Amsterdam

      After a while, my own enthusiasm for videoblogging lessened. Not because I had stopped believing in the power of these tools, but because I wanted to spend my time on other things. 

      So here, now. I am a husband, and a father. I work as a solutions architect in a telecom company here in Norway (specializing in hosted call center and workforce optimization solutions heh), and I live here in Oslo, the capital. 


      The first months and years of videoblogging were very influential on me. I learned so much from people from the vlogosphere! I learned about life in Japan from Nathan Miller (bicyclesidewalk); Nathan now lives in Taiwan. I learned about life in rural and urban U.S. - from people and friends who could be my guide, who I could ask "Hey, can you please take some footage from your local supermarket?". 

      The vlogosphere was like a big family to me. I met friends for life, although I haven't been very good at keeping track with everybody the last many years; sorry about that.

      I still feel that there is a lot of potential in this media format, as I said in a video I shot yesterday and posted on YT today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDzy3VNLaoc 

      Some days ago I pledged to make videos for this coming year, so you may again see some videos from me on http://dltq.org - although I won't be posting very personal things. Actually, I have become Much more private now than I was 10 years ago. Most of my videos on Youtube are "unlisted". 

      Rupert wrote in this thread: 

      "Our community was largely fuelled and glued together by our excitement about the newness of it all. It wasn't about the content.  We were video hackers."

      That's so spot on! The content was simply the carrier, to many of us. And yet, we fell in love with the different people making the content, their editing styles, their personalities.

      Rupert: "It was wonderful to enjoy that brief period of collective excitement.  I would like it if I could find a similar group of video hackers, experimenting with the new technology that's available to us now, not focussed so much on a type of content or building audiences."

      I have thought about the same, but to be honest, I am far too busy to spend too much time on modern media. I think many of us in our diverse careers are in the same boat here. 

      Anyway, this has become far too long already!

      Point is: Happy Anniversary, Videoblogging Yahoogroups!


      Best regards, 

      Raymond M. Kristiansen







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