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  • hamletphase
    Jun 1, 2014
      Pardon me but what a load of crap. On the contrary, today, video is so successfully pervasive, and easy to use, and for everyone, that corporate greed and commercialization have been superceeded by the people who have these once expensive and rare tools at their everyday fingertips.Just yesterday, I sat as a crime scene unfolded before my eyes. Before the cops even arrived, 20 people were filming with their phones. The cops came and people of course pointed their cameras at the cops.I'll tell you what: this type of scene forces the cops to remember they are being watched and it makes them naturally behave within their protocol for their own protection. This is so much better than the world we lived in before when people were more easily able to hide their abusive wrongdoings.My kid watches the same 'I'm a little tea pot' video over and over again for free and it's not by Disney, it's by a friend of mine we found on YouTube.Education, war crimes, documentaries- all of the dreams for good use of video have come true. There must be 100000% increase or more in people filming documentaries now, or documenting war and other crimes.You could see the democratization coming but we are so far beyond that now, arguments like the below miss the bigger picture to an almost unfathomable degree.
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