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79530Re: [videoblogging] Good video file workflows & tools for distributed teams

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  • Ru Howe
    Sep 5, 2013
      The holy grail!

      Adobe Anywhere will be available on a non-enterprise level for a long time.  We have some Anywhere systems running, and it's awesome, but it requires some serious servers at base.

      You could do a couple of things... Have everyone use the same Dropbox account with enough storage.

      But I would probably give up on syncing all the master media to everyone, particularly if the editors are running out of Dropbox space.  Just pay for a Dropbox account for the Content Generator and the Producer, and deliver smaller proxies to the editor(s).   
      Get the content generator to send the master files directly to the producer, and also give the Generator a Compressor droplet or an Adobe Media Encoder setting to turn them all to much smaller file size (but still HD frame size) proxies with exactly the same name, to send to the editor(s).  Then the editor can edit with proxies and just send the Project file and a guide quicktime (and other new elements like graphics and music) to the producer at the end, who can relink the project to the master files and render out the final export.  That means having all the colour correction in the project file as filters, so they're applied to the master files after relinking.

      That's if the producer needs to have a copy of all the rushes.  If the producer only needs the final video, then you could do the same thing a different way - just share the master files between the Content Producer and the Editor (maybe with a generic premium Editor dropbox account that different editors can share so they don't run out of space).  Then the editor can render out the final file and send that to the producer for upload.

      Would that work?


      On 3 September 2013 19:48, Julian Seery Gude <julian@...> wrote:

      Hi Gang,

      I'm increasingly working with video files and workflow with distributed
      teams where the content generator is often my client at one locale, a video
      editor at another location and a web producer at another locale who puts
      the final videos up on a website and the video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo,

      How do you manage this at your company?

      My focus is a small business solution. I look forward to a day where *Adobe
      Anywhere* (which looks like exactly what I need) is available for Adobe
      Creative Cloud at a SMB friendly offering.

      I have three questions:

      - How do you like to move these big video files around?
      - Do you try to keep them in sync, (and if so, how)?
      - What ways do you coordinate the workflow (e.g. know when an editor is
      finished and video is ready for publication).

      I've tried dropbox and that works *OK*.

      I find that file syncing is problematic across 3-4 parties even though it *
      should* work. It's mostly problematic when a freelancer or client uses up
      their 2GB free storage limit.

      The new bittorrent sync app is tantalising because their technology is
      optimized to move big files around the web efficiently but the app is about
      as easy to use as a...well a video editing program. It's awful tough on

      Is anyone using *github* or another file version control system?

      I've been going back to simple ftp lately on a web server for its
      reliability with silly naming conventions like this:


      Would love to hear any ideas.

      Thanks so much!

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