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79517alternative to Blip.tv, for video-hosting [ also: Youtube Channel & iTunes video-podcast ]

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  • B Yen
    Jan 4 7:48 PM

      I go back to 2005 on this list, when Mike Hudack (co-founder of
      Blip.tv) & Steve Chen (co-founder of Youtube) were around & feeling
      out "web video".

      About a year ago, co-founders Mike & Dina Kaplan (?) left. Was there
      a change in direction by Blip.tv?

      I've been using Blip.tv as a video-host, Blogger as video-blog
      (embedding Blip.tv videos & iPod compatible video "enclosures"),
      iTunes as video-podcaster.

      I just tried to setup a Blip.tv account, to hose videos for my "2013
      Rose Bowl pre-event" coverage,


      but was denied:

      > Are You Serious About Your Web Series?
      > Submit your application to join the Blip family of producers.
      > If you've got a series, a dream, and a plan, then we want to hear
      > about it! Approved series get access to our suite of producer tools
      > and services.
      > Please note that not all applications are approved. If you plan on
      > creating one-time standalone videos, or you just need a video
      > hosting provider, we are not the place for you.

      Can someone recommend a suitable video-host? I see Vimeo is pretty
      popular, but is there a paywall? Is Youtube an option?

      [ I always resisted, since they claim ownership of video..is this
      still the case? Plus, it never fit the rigid definition of video-
      blogging. You end up setting up a Youtube channel with episodes ]

      Is Youtube the "600lb gorilla" in web-video, & taken over?

      What about iTunes video-podcast, how does it rank versus Youtube?
      Where do people host iTunes videos?

      You can see my video-blogging, using Blip.tv, Blogger, iTunes at


      since 2005.

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