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79169Tinking with the video blog

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  • waywardtravelerdiaries
    Oct 1 12:41 PM
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      Hey, I was a video blogger that made a jump tp a filmmaking career, I've had some pretty amazing successes with that but I still do my video blog.

      My channel has the story in bits and pieces. I spent the last year filming a pilot for a show I was offered called Wayward Traveler. I've posted some of my travel footage synched to a Patsy Cline Song. My other videso are there as well that i made in the last year.

      I'm going to continue my video blog in addition to working on a new show called American Travel Show.

      One thing I've learned is that if I am out filming, working I can't promote my videos. You can see on my channel my older videos have 700 views on them but my newer ones have like 80.

      I need some help understanding how to promote or who to hire to promote this stuff so I can focus on filmmaking.

      My channel is: Avidmoviefan or if you type in Goodbye Wayward Traveler