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77688Re: [videoblogging] Re: Fwd: Online Video Monetization Summit, May 5th in NYC

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  • Mark Villaseñor
    May 4, 2010
      daredolls: "so go there, claim our rights, use our name, see what happens."

      Ahhmmm, yeah, right... This issue requires only a pittance of comprehensive
      grasp; you are mistaken. Intellectual Property defense does not depend upon
      membership with a subject ISP. Never has, probably never will. PERIOD!

      What you're suggesting (that one must first be a member of a target ISP,
      before IP Rights can be exercised) is preposterous -- erroneous in the
      extreme. Although you needn't take my word for this, any half-decent IP
      lawyer will tell you the same. Therefore I suggest you consult with one, if
      you're truly having trouble addressing copyright infringement(s).

      Mark Villaseñor,
      Canine Adventures For Charity - sm
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