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77652Re: [videoblogging] Fwd: Online Video Monetization Summit, May 5th in NYC

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  • Rupert Howe
    May 1, 2010
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      That's one way of making money as a producer, sure. Particularly for
      videobloggers, it's the easiest way. But videobloggers are not really
      the point here in this Brightcove thing.

      People are finding and experimenting with other ways of making money
      through online video apart from advertising, and apart from Google/YT
      ads. People interested in making money from independent production
      don't want to just be dependent on the crumbs that Google throw their
      way after they've plastered their content in keyword-targeted overlay

      There are a lot of other things that producers, agencies, brands, etc
      are interested in - and from what I saw of the breakdown of the day
      it's not just a flog from Brightcove - though sure, there'll be
      plenty of that - and *of course* you wouldn't expect them to be
      pimping Google in their description.

      For an unusually free day, though, the main benefits would seem to me
      to be the other people attending, who are usually the most interesting
      part of events like this, and Brightcove's own data about people's
      viewing habits & perspective on the future, and also the speakers from
      Ogilvy, Tubemogul, Freewheel & Quantcast - and the discussions cover
      things like:
      Mobile Advertising, Over-the-Top Distribution, Advertising in Live
      Events, Bringing TV Advertisers Online, Digital Ad serving Standards &
      Audience Measurement & Profiling.
      Especially given the profusion of IPTV Set Top Box, internet ready TV
      sets and portable devices like the iPad this year.

      Anyway, not perhaps a videoblogger thing, but I wouldn't say just a


      On 2 May 2010, at 00:56, David Jones wrote:

      > On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 4:47 PM, Rupert Howe <rupert@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > It's free?!
      > > If anybody here is going to this, would love to have a peek at their
      > > notes :)
      > > Rupert
      > > http://twittervlog.tv
      > It's a crock, they are just flogging their own stuff.
      > Notice no mention of the words Youtube or Adsense.
      > Making money from video blogs and other online content is easy, it's a
      > two step process:
      > 1) Google Adsense ads
      > 2) Youtube channel linked to Google Adsense.
      > Anything else is almost guaranteed to be a waste of time and effort.
      > Dave.

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