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74571Re: Video blogging history/evolution

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  • gintaras.miskinis
    Apr 1, 2009
      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "gintaras.miskinis" <gintaras.miskinis@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I totally agree with you. My words, that you cite is the attitude of my
      > paper's chief and even university, because when student writes a
      > scientific work, he must use, well, let's say the mainstream media and
      > (or) scientific literature . In this case, as I've been searching for
      > history events in video blogging, I haven't found any (except Jay
      > Dedman's) "trusty" sources, that I could use like: "one author says,
      > that video blogging started that way, that year, etc.", "second author
      > says, that video blogging started absolutely not like that, like said
      > first author" - that's called information sources analysis (of
      > literature/journal's/posts). In this case, I just cannot compare, cite
      > "forum posts" and put them in bibliography list, which is very
      > formal...For me, as student and citizen, it is no difference: is it
      > mainstream or not. In mainstream I can hear "the official side" of the
      > fact/topic, and in the blog I can find the "backstage" of the same
      > fact/topic, and the information I find on the blog, is up to me - to
      > trust or not (search for more info, etc.).
      > However, tomorrow, I'm going to meet my chief, and we will discuss about
      > that, and the results of "trustworthy and not sources" I will write
      > here...Thanks for posting !

      Just wanted to add, that a qualitative/trusty source, is a source which is written by a scientist or other person who is accepted by the society, i.e. has a expertise in branch. As I see, he must at leased published a book? (nonsense). Anyway, starting to get a headache of this unique case...
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