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74569Re: Video blogging history/evolution

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  • ~ FluxRostrum
    Apr 1, 2009
      howdy Gintaras,

      what is sad to me (as someone who video Blogs documentary/news pieces)
      is this line of thought (which is not unique to you)
      that mainstream is trustworthy and independent is not.

      " it is sad, that sources, which are not mainstream,
      cannot be trusted..well, officially."

      If mainstream was trustworthy I would NEVER have been a video blogger.
      It was the main reason I choose to do this.

      You might want to be as skeptical of the mainstream as you are of independents.

      MAINSTREAM is controlled by the major corporations of the world and they give information biased to benefit their corporations at the cost of the truth and they will DENY this until death much like politicians.

      Independents Media sources are also biased but not toward the Corporate agenda.
      They are more openly biased, like an advocate.



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