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  • Verdi
    Feb 18, 2005
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      --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Deirdre Straughan
      <deirdre.straughan@g...> wrote:

      > >Can they be monetized?
      > Some of us certainly hope so. Probably some can, some can't, and some
      > don't want to be.
      > > Will we lose the essence of what a vblog is?
      > There is no general agreement on what that essence might be. There are
      > a few hundred videobloggers in this group, each with his/her own
      > distinct style. No one has the right to say that any style is more
      > "legitimate" than any other. The point is to let a million flowers
      > bloom, and each will find its own audience, from the micro to the
      > global.

      > >Do you want to make money doing this?
      > Wouldn't hurt. Cameras and bandwidth cost money.
      > Some of us embrace the possibility of "going Hollywood" with
      > enthusiasm, some reject it in horror. My own feeling is that Hollywood
      > will become more or less irrelevant, marginalized by the world of free
      > media that we are helping to create (free of constraints I mean, not
      > necessarily free to view). Hollywood will always be good for some
      > things, like huge-budget movies, but there will be millions of other
      > sources of entertainment. The audience fragmentation and difficulty of
      > monetization that the television industry complains about today are
      > only the beginning of their pain. Tell Hollywood that the
      > video-over-IP train has left the station: they can hop on fast, or be
      > left behind (or get run over).
      > best regards,
      > Deirdré Straughan

      Nicely put Deirdré!
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