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  • Deirdre Straughan
    Feb 18, 2005
      Okay, let's not just jump all over the lady. She asks some interesting
      questions and deserves intelligent answers.

      On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 21:32:39 -0800, Linda Nicolai
      <Linda.Nicolai@...> wrote:
      > Hollywood's all abuzz. My friend at Fox wants to figure out if there's a
      > cross-media show in this (e.g. Best vblogs of the week.... Start the story,
      > pass it around vbloggers for a new chapter each week...Charles Kuralt on the
      > road...)

      That's an interesting idea. What sort of topics did you have in mind?
      Medicinefilms is doing something a little like this with its
      collaborative videos.

      > Should Vblogs be corralled?

      How, by whom, and to what end? The short answer is "no." The whole
      point of vlogs is that they are whatever their creators want them to
      be, without censorship or entrenched-media barriers to entry.

      >Can they be monetized?

      Some of us certainly hope so. Probably some can, some can't, and some
      don't want to be.

      > Will we lose the essence of what a vblog is?

      There is no general agreement on what that essence might be. There are
      a few hundred videobloggers in this group, each with his/her own
      distinct style. No one has the right to say that any style is more
      "legitimate" than any other. The point is to let a million flowers
      bloom, and each will find its own audience, from the micro to the

      > Is "The Carol and Steve Show" a milder Curb
      > your Enthusiasm that the networks would pick up?


      >Do you want to make money doing this?

      Wouldn't hurt. Cameras and bandwidth cost money.

      Some of us embrace the possibility of "going Hollywood" with
      enthusiasm, some reject it in horror. My own feeling is that Hollywood
      will become more or less irrelevant, marginalized by the world of free
      media that we are helping to create (free of constraints I mean, not
      necessarily free to view). Hollywood will always be good for some
      things, like huge-budget movies, but there will be millions of other
      sources of entertainment. The audience fragmentation and difficulty of
      monetization that the television industry complains about today are
      only the beginning of their pain. Tell Hollywood that the
      video-over-IP train has left the station: they can hop on fast, or be
      left behind (or get run over).

      best regards,
      Deirdré Straughan

      http://straughan.com (personal)

      http://tvblob.com/ (company)
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