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  • Linda Nicolai
    Feb 17, 2005

      Hello All - New to the group and just set up the first MEETUP - L.A. group, so Annie, Aaron, Vu and Shannon, join in so we CAN meetup. www.videoblog.meetup.com/3    

      And thanks to all of you for letting me Link you into my website.  www.eagroup.biz/nextgen.htm     Send your logo/link if you want on board.  Hollywood's all abuzz.  My friend at Fox wants to figure out if there's a cross-media show in this (e.g. Best vblogs of the week.... Start the story, pass it around vbloggers for a new chapter each week...Charles Kuralt on the road...)   Should Vblogs be corralled?  Can they be monetized?  Will we lose the essence of what a vblog is?  Is "The Carol and Steve Show" a milder Curb your Enthusiasm that the networks would pick up?  Do you want to make money doing this?    This is the early days of the Internet (remember The Spot...).  But technology and demand have caught up.   I'd love your thoughts on going Hollywood. 


      Thanks, More to come.    Linda Nicolai

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