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43949blogging & World Cup

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  • B Yen
    Jul 1, 2006

      "It was four guys who stayed up late at night and (got) some random traffic," he said. "In 2006, they decided they wanted to do it right. They recreated the site, with 32 team blogs, and hired me as the managing editor."

      Unlike the blogs favored by the hordes of traditional media, which use content from paid staffers, The World Cup Blog uses volunteers to cover each country before, during and after the event.

      "These are all fans ... not journalists," he said. "They are just people who love the team. Some are in the country, some are scattered around the world."

      It also offers written and photo essays on fans and the 12 host cities as well as biting commentary about everything from the bikinis worn by female spectators to the hairstyles sported by some players.


      The above is exciting, about how a "Distributed Architecture" of bloggers is revolutionzing the way the World Cup is being reported over the Web.

      Ant-like ("Distributed Architecture") blogger/reporters are overcoming the Centralized Mainstream Media ("the Establishment")

      A software-vendor (I use his product for mobile-blogging, photo& video) is doing a test at the World Cup, I did a mini-test with him a couple months ago.  It can give real-time blogging to a website.

      Here is an obvious business-opportunity (just like Rocketboom), to get something going in "citizen Journalism".  My entire project the last year & half in Offroad Racing is live (& near-live) blogging..mobile-blogging & video-blogging, from remote-areas (Baja Mexico, rural Desert Southwest: California, Nevada, Arizona).  One idea is have Rocketboom have an arm, dedicated to niche-markets with dedicated mobile-bloggers & video-bloggers.  My project is about to get funded, lots of millionaires (1 of them is a billionaire, he took a company up to 100billion) floating around & funding my Proof of Concept & "opening doors" (giving me media-passes to do "media tests").  See http://www.jumplive.com/main.html

      Another market is Technical Conferences (video-podcasting as a Research/Education tool), I was just at a big-name Physics conference (Supersymmetry & Fundamental Interactions).  http://www.jumplive.com/susy06/index.html  They gave me verbal acknowledgement (by name at the conference) & linked to my 2 blog sites (mobile-blog for LiveWebCast, video-blog for Video-Podcast):



       from their main site

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