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Re: Paved road in Lula

Mark, I use Terry Hagwood.  He is licensed and very honest.  If you call him he will be the one to come out.  He charges $60 for a service call and will
bobby jones
Sep 7, 2009

Re: Paved road in Lula

Can you recommend a good AND reliable A/C company that works in that area? Thanks, Mark
Sep 7, 2009

Paved road in Lula

I was up in Lula today and the roads in our subdivision look great. There are a few spots that will need touching up but it looks like they did a good job on
Cain Harris
Sep 7, 2009

Homeowner's meeting 7pm 7/16/09 Thursday

Hello Everyone, We would like to have homeowner's meeting at 7pm Thursday 7/16 at Lula City Hall. I have reserved the room for that time. We will be
Jul 9, 2009

County starting the road work Tuesday

As most of you know the survey was completed, paid for, and delivered to the City of Lula last week. Dennis Bergin called me this morning to let me know the
Cain Harris
Jul 3, 2009

Survey Money

I thought we had enough to pay for the survey?! Last time it was posted, we did, this is attached below. I don't see why if we have the money to pay for the
Jun 30, 2009

Re: Fw: Hemlock Springs II Invoice [1 Attachment]

That is a very good price to get the work done. Much less than the $5,000 the Mayor estimated. Thank you for your hard work with this Cain.  If you own
bobby jones
Jun 30, 2009

Fw: Hemlock Springs II Invoice

Please find a copy of the final bill for our survey on Hemlock Springs II. There are still many owners who have not contributed to the survey and Homeowners
Cain Harris
Jun 30, 2009
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Fw: A Friend Has Forwarded This Article from http://www.gainesvillet

Attached is the article from The Times today which states that the county has voted and will assist the city with the road. ... From: bobby jones
bobby jones
Jun 23, 2009

Re: City Council Meeting

Fantastic news Cain!  Thanks to you and Bobby for attending the meeting.   Chris ... From: Cain Harris Subject:
Chris Weilandt
Jun 16, 2009

Re: City Council Meeting

Great news. We can discuss the homeowner covenants when we are all together and everyone can have input. ... From: Cain Harris
Mark Weilandt
Jun 16, 2009

City Council Meeting

Bobby Jones and I attended the Lula City Council meeting tonight. The Mayor Milton Turner presented a letter emailed today from the County Commission stating
Cain Harris
Jun 15, 2009

Re: 4-wheeler

Call the cops, they will still ride out here and check it out. ... From: anitajoallen Subject: [victoria_lane_group] 4-wheeler To:
Jun 14, 2009


Well the has been scraped again, but the guy on 4-wheeler is out there wearing it out!!!! This is 2 times today!!!!
Jun 14, 2009

letter from Dennis Bergin

Friday, June 12, 2009 Ms. Hocker, The city continues to pursue the letter of commitment from the county on making road improvements, but as of this date have
Jun 14, 2009
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