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    • Bill Gorin
      Here you go! http://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-1070/Cloth-Bags/3-x-5-Cloth-Mailing-Bags-with-Tag Bill Sent from my iPhone ... Here you go!
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        Here you go!

        On Jun 4, 2013, at 8:03 AM, Jerry and Pat Perchinske <j.perch123@...> wrote:


        Can you send the cloth parts bag website again.

        Patty Perchinske
        13023 Grannis Road
        Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125
        216-325-7231 Work (8:30 am thru 5:30 pm)
        216-262-1058 Cell

        [Attachment(s) from Bill Gorin included below]

        It was a long hot day, but we did it!  Shaky Magoo is inside a hangar for the first time in over 40 years!!  We also got 4 of the galvanized steel parts racks in the attached picture for just $75.00 each from the government surplus yard here in Fort Worth, so we have a lot of room to put parts and keep them organized.  We still need some of the cloth parts bags I sent the link to in the previous email, so if anyone can buy some, we need about 500 of the, have them sent to the museum, 505 NW S8th St. Hangar 33S Fort Worth, Texas 76106.


        On a separate note, we have a delegation of Belgian military officers coming to the museum tomorrow and they specifically asked to see the CH-21.  You may not know this, but when the Pate Museum was closing down, our CH-21 was on the verge of going to a museum in Belgium.  Apparently there was some political snafu and the deal fell through for the Belgians, thus leaving Shaky available for us to acquire.  They wanted the CH-21 for the Belgian military museum to represent the ones that they used during the Congo Revolt in the 1960’s (Congo was a Belgian colony once upon a time).  So it will be interesting to hear what the Belgian Military delegation has to say when tour the museum tomorrow.


        Not that she’s inside, we can get down to business on her restoration.  So come on out and get your hands on some history!!


        Bill Gorin

        Chief of Maintenance

        Vintage Flying Museum


        Cell: 940-783-8314




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