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  • billgorin
    Mar 21, 2014
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      Are you interested in volunteering at the Vintage Flying Museum?  We pride ourselves on being a 100% volunteer museum, we do not have a single paid employee!  Our volunteers are AMAZING!  We currently need help in the following areas:
      - Tour Guides
      - Gift Shop
      - Tug/Forklift maintenance
      - Collection management
      - Website
      - Exhibit maintenance
      - Special Events
      - Facilities maintenance
      - Marketing
      As you can see there's much more than just working on airplanes!  Of course we are always looking for experienced aircraft mechanics and sheetmetal mechanics!  If you are interested in volunteering and getting your hands on history, just come out to the museum on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday and fill out a membership form (if you're not already a member) and come talk to myself or Chuckie!  

      Thanks for Supporting the Vintage Flying Museum!
      Bill Gorin