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2076Call for auction items

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  • Dean & Cindy Hemphill
    Sep 5 4:15 PM
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      Fellow VFMers,

      I'm sure you have all read Mike's recent message concerning the Silent
      Auction at the Hangar Dance. He's right. We need GOOD stuff to offer in
      the auction. Something that has often been requested by guests visiting our
      Silent Auction room is airplane parts, and specifically, warbird parts. I
      have to believe that, after being in operation for as many years as VFM has,
      we must have some good stuff stashed away that we really don't need. I've
      been asked for things like pistons, instruments, and identifiable pieces of
      warbirds. All of these things would bring more money if they came with a
      Certificate of Authenticity or similar provenance. If you have any warbird
      parts that you'd be willing to donate, or if you know of any warbird parts
      languishing in our hangars that we definitely won't need, please bring it to
      the Dance staff's attention. The more money we generate through the
      auction, the better off we'll be.

      Dean Hemphill
      Crew Chief, NAA F-86F Sabre 52-4689
      Vintage Flying Museum
      Fort Worth, Texas