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  • West Sanders
    Jul 2, 2013
        They also have the Ki-43 that was built here at Meacham by the "Texas Airplane Factory" ... Buck Allbright and I were fortunate to be involved.... Here I am taxiing the plane ....   photo OSCAR.jpg

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      I found this video clip on YouTube.
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      One of the largest and most prized collections of rare warbirds is
      being sold off because owner Jerry Yagen says he can't afford it
      anymore. (Click here for a PDF list of the inventory.) Yagen, who
      recently added the world's only flying Mosquito fighter bomber to his
      stable of 44 warbirds, says he's always pouring money into the
      aircraft and he can't do it any longer. "[I] just can no longer afford
      to subsidize the operations of these airplanes. There are a few
      interested parties," Yagen said in an email to AVweb. Yagen's B-17
      "Chuckie" an a Focke-Wulf 190 were bought by the Tillamook Air Museum
      in Oregon.As we reported
      (/avwebbiz/news/EAA_Firm_Appearance_Fees_207973-1.html) earlier this
      year, Yagen asked EAA for financial help to bring aircraft to
      AirVenture 2013 but EAA said it could not set that precedent. Yagen
      told the Virginia Pilot
      he's already sold four vocational trade schools associated with his
      aviation enterprises in Virginia and the Military Aviation Museum in
      Pungo, near Virginia Beach, may also be shuttered.

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