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Take back AARP or boycott AARP

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    This War Veteran needs Social Security and Medicare (VA Health Care can Kill). Speaker J. Dennis Hastert and the White House Budget Office are @ it again.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2003
      This War Veteran needs Social Security and Medicare (VA Health Care can
      Kill). Speaker J. Dennis Hastert and the White House Budget Office are @ it
      again. (Prescription Drugs) They also left 400,000 Military Retirees
      behind, No Full Concurrent Receipt!

      From AARP's Message Board

      ######### Start ########
      Shouting or protesting or holding politicians and bureaucrats feet to the
      fire, insisting that they answer some tough questions, insisting that the
      details and the process are out in the open does a lot of good because these
      things call attention to the matter, unearth some shady deals and
      motivations and wake up the more complacent among us.

      However, shouting, protesting, insisting are not enough. Other steps must be
      taken as some here have suggested. We must match our words with actions,
      actions that say if you won't listen we will fight back, we will vote, we
      will spread the word to others who are similarly affected by these kinds of
      flim flams and we will join with and support others in similar

      A number of you have suggested sites of activists, sites where more
      information may be accessed, suggestions on how to access your congressmen
      and senators.

      Certainly others are similarly affected by the philosophical political goals
      of this administration: For example in a play on false patriotism this
      administration says how much they "support our troops" and then lambaste any
      who question what that term means. Does it mean Fly the Flag? in part
      Does it mean don't question the policies of this government? No.

      "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we
      stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile,
      but it is morally treasonable to the American public."...Theodore Roosevelt
      (during World War I.)

      I certainly question an administration that says We support our Troops but
      at the same time:

      1. Seeks to cut veteran benefits.

      2. Close VA hospitals

      3. Suggest that commissaries and post exchanges are not something that
      should be a benefit for military personnel

      4. Sends reservists into the field of battle poorly equipped and without the
      basic necessity of the proper vests for their protection.

      5. Hires private corps. to "support the troops" with supplies, food and
      shelter but who do not perform their duties and troops are left without the
      basic necessities of water and food in harms way because these same private
      corporations say "it is dangerous for us out there, we refuse to go into
      dangerous areas."

      6. Sends wounded reservists to a facility in the U.S. where they do not have
      the most basic medical attention, living quarters, water, food, even toilet

      7. Refuse to count the wounded and seems to diminish the number of the dead.

      8. Refuses to let news people film and report the bodies coming home.

      9. Closes more and more military facilities within the U.S. at a the same
      time contemplating reimplimentation of the Draft (of course not until after
      the 2004 election)

      The goal of this administration of the current hijacked Republican party is
      the goal of Grover Norquist and NEWT GINGRICH :

      Dismantle ALL social programs and the safety nets for the poor, the
      disabled, the veterans and seniors. Period.!

      This means that those who are the wealthiest will survive, those who are
      middle class or poor will not. If a few seniors or the sick or the disabled
      or Veterans who need assistance die......well that seems to be a sacrifice
      that they are willing to make....kind of like collateral damage.

      The Goal is to do what ever it takes to put the multi-national corporations
      in charge of our lives from birth to grave and if only the rich survive.
      that is o.k.

      What about the "workers" who must support the business of the corporations?

      Well if you haven't already noticed..the workers are also expendable.....got
      a lot of "workers" (fodder for corporations) out there in the 3 rd world

      Thus you can see that what is done to other groups as I suggest above will
      also be done to you. Join with these other groups and give your support and
      make alliances and bring out these things into the light of day.

      At heart the American people are good, kind, thoughtful and just downright
      neighborly people...it is only the politicians and the media that support
      those kinds of politicians that turn these people into hate mongers,
      demeaners and fanatics.

      Take back your neighborhoods. Take back your towns, counties, your radios,
      your TVs etc. Protest. Tell corporations who support groups who demean
      others, who spread hatred, ignorance, disgust, lies, exaggeration, etc. that
      you will boycott their products. It works.

      Take back AARP or boycott AARP do what you think will be the most
      effective...ie try to reform the current AARP administration or quit and
      join another organization you feel will be more effective.

      This administration uses our Fear to make us servile. Uses Fear to divide
      us young from old, rich from poor, corporations from labor. The "loyal
      opposition" seems to be absent. So:

      Hold your elected officials accountable. You have the power....they just
      think that they can roll over you. Stand up and SHOUT IT OUT!
      ######## End ########
      http://www.fast-attack-congress.net "ALL" Veterans Issues
      Out The Door In 2004
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