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Continued efforts to diminish/eliminate our constitutional rights.

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  • Gary Kendall
    A message sent to both House and Senate members regarding continued efforts - previously determined unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court - to eliminate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2003
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      A message sent to both House and Senate members regarding continued
      efforts - previously determined unconstitutional by the US Supreme
      Court - to eliminate citizens constitutional rights.

      This message would apply to all such constitutional rights issues, not
      just the issue of mandatory gun registration.

      Such as, your constitutional right to peacably assemble and to petition
      your government.

      The intentional erosion of your Constitutional rights is worked through
      seemingly insignificant - though highly emotionally charged - issues
      that most citizens find unimportant in their daily lives. Therefore,
      of course, why would anyone except criminally minded persons take
      opposition to such changes.

      Simply, because they erode and are intended to (when grouped together
      as successful efforts) eliminate your potential to stand in defiance of
      your government's potential open violations of your rights.

      There is not one single nation that has ever successfully existed, as a
      nation of free citizens, that did not have an armed citizenship
      capable of standing against an errant government and toppling it.

      History has proven, many times, that the only way a nation avoids the
      issue of armed national troops slaying thousands of angry citizens is
      when those citizens are armed!

      You don't have to own a gun to be a patriotic and responsible citizen,
      but; you should recognize the value of those millions of honorable and
      responsible citizens who do own guns and of whom you never hear - until
      there is need to stand against errant govermental efforts.

      Millions of US citizens, owners of guns for decades and generations,
      have never had to fire their guns at other humans except, perhaps, in
      time of war and service to their nation, though; they continue to
      responsibly maintain the capability to wage armed resistance, if

      In the excess of two hundred years that this nation has existed with an
      armed citizenry, there have been an extremely small percentage of
      instances (when compared to the numbers of weapons owners) - though
      highly publicized - wherein citizens took up arms and harmed others

      The citizens of the United States of America have demonstrated for over
      two hundred years that they are the worlds most honorable and
      responsible weapons owners. We, as a nation, have a far lower rate of
      crime involving weapons than nations in which it is illegal for the
      citizens to own guns.

      There are hundreds of thousands of legal permits to carry weapons used
      daily throughout this nation. Daily, we pass honorable and responsible
      citizens on the streets of our towns - who are wearing weapons on their
      persons - and we never know of the existance of those weapons.

      So, who has more honor, those who quietly hold their rights,
      responsibly own and utilize their armaments, or those fools who believe
      in the ever proven false allegation that by disarming the citizenry we
      can become truley free?

      Freedom = armed citizens = personal responsibility = vigilence =
      governmental access = governmental responsibility = governmental
      response = citizen feedback = refinement = cultural growth = freedom,

      Gary Kendall

      > 108th CONGRESS
      > 1st Session
      > H. R. 124

      Again, the issue of mandatory gun registration, after several US
      Supreme Court rulings that such measures are unconstitutional, is
      before our congress.

      Citizens are getting extremely tired of our elected employees
      continuously attempting to violate and diminish our constitutional

      Get these types of issues off the house and senate calendars via the
      determinant of "Res Judicata!"

      For those elected EMPLOYEES too myopic to understand this legal maxim,
      a small mind version is provided:

      "Already been darn well decided, get off the issue or get removed from
      office for treason."

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