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Warning: U.S. Senator uses cookies on his govt website...I need a cookies expert

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  • medusagamaxray47@aol.com
    Greetings Fellow Veterans, In my latest crusade to find out more details about the new HIPPA medical privacy law, as amended, also knows as the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2002
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      Greetings Fellow Veterans,

      In my latest crusade to find out more details about the new HIPPA medical
      privacy law, as amended, also knows as the Kennedy-Kassebaum bill when passed
      by the U.S. Senate in 1996 and which is still being tweaked by the Bush
      Administration and is scheduled for full implimentation next year, 2003, I
      set out to resolve the following mission objectives: 1) to determine the
      validity of the many Internet news articles claims that this law will open
      the door to medical records privacy invasion of all Americans private medical
      records, and 2) how will this new law affect veterans VAMC medical records

      During my initial investigation, I went to the U.S. Senate website <
      www.senate.gov> and linked to 20 pre-selecteds Senators' websites to get
      their info and email addresses so I could send email inquiries to them for
      the aforesaid cause. You were sent copies of all these email inquiries I sent
      under subject title: < Re: New Federal Law Makes Your Private Medical Record
      Public >.

      After surfing those U.S. Senator websites and sending the aforesaid emails to
      them, I was later alarmed to discover that one of those U.S. Senators had
      somehow placed a cookie onto my computer. This cookie is titled, < robert
      burke@...[2].txt > which apparently comes from Senator Harry Reid
      (Nevada). I opened this cookie to see what it was about, but was unable to
      read it, as it is in code.

      Anyway, what I would like to ask you is if any of you technically proficient
      computer geek veterans can provide me with: 1) any ideas as to why a U.S.
      Senator would place cookies on an individual's computers who visits his
      website (assuming that is how i received this one); and 2) what the code in
      this cookie means?
      If you think you can help me investigate this cookie further, please contact
      me privately via my email address, and I will try to forward a copy of this
      cookie to you for your analysis. Thanks


      Robert Burke
      100% Service-Connected Disabled, Total, Permanent, Unemployable, Housebound,
      requiring Home Aid/Attendant Care, Viet Nam combat veteran
      Owner, NationalVeteransCoalitionOfAmerica@yahoogroups.com
      Owner, VeteransForum@yahoogroups.com
      USMC, SSgt., (classification: Secret), Honorably Discharged twice (two 4-year
      terms), 1969-1976
      Sea Duty, FMFPac, 7th Fleet, USS Galveston, Nuclear Security Team, 1969-1970
      1st Marine Division, DaNang, 1970-1971
      1st Marine Brigade, Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station, FMFPac Expeditionary
      Forces (on 'Standby' on Okinawa waiting for the Fall of South Viet Nam), 1975
      20-years Federal Civil Service for DoD/USAF (classification: Secret)
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