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Medicare Impacts VA Care and payments

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  • Venus Hammack
    MY NO SPIN ZONE This effect those gulf war vets (era) who have SSDI and VA Care and those vets who are using Tricare. Bush needs the Additional Funds to pay
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2002
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      This effect those gulf war vets (era) who have SSDI and VA Care

      and those vets who are using Tricare.

      Bush needs the Additional Funds to pay for Gulf War Two.

      Watch where the cut backs are.


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      From: "Whittington" <jimw8869@...

      Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 1:01 PM

      Subject: Fw: [MRGRG-MS] "Stop cuts to medicare providers"

      TO ALL:

      Get on board Folks. This not only affects military retirees but the

      General population. That means YOU. Take a look at these figures.

      Medicare payments to Providers was cut 5.4 % ,,Jan this year 2002.

      It is scheduled for another cut of 5.7% in Jan, 2003. and more cuts in

      the following years; The cut schedule

      1 Jan 2002 - 5.4%

      1 Jan 2003 - 5.7%

      1 Jan 2004 - 5.7%

      1 Jan 2005 - 2.8%

      Please read and take some action. Please pass around the net.

      Remember--The Mayo Clinics have stopped taking Medicare. Other Medical facilities are

      sure to follow.

      If you are over 65 now and your doctor STOPS taking Medicare--Are you

      prepared?? You are paying into the system that you hope will be there for

      you. Not likely under the current set of rules. This can be reversed nut

      YOU MUST get involved.


      Jim Whittington - Laurel,MS

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      From: "Floyd Sears" <fsears@...

      Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 12:28 PM

      Subject: [MRGRG-MS] "Stop cuts to medicare providers"


      Goto http://MRGRG-MS.org and scroll down to the box that says...

      "Stop cuts to medicare providers"

      Look it over and "consider" following the direction provided. This is my

      plan. If you have a better plan, one that is easier to implement, then

      put it out for all to see. This plan will not accomplish anything unless

      we try it.

      We have millions of people that would help convince the Congress to stop

      the cuts to Medicare providers if they only knew that it was happening.

      I've talked to a bunch of people, young and old, concerning the Medicare

      cuts and they simply don't know about it. The young people usually say

      something like "it doesn't affect me" or "it will be a long time before

      it affect me", but I get their attention when I ask about their parents

      or grandparents. I also get their attention when I ask them to look at

      their paycheck deductions for a program that is likely to go down the

      tubes if the cuts are not stopped.

      We must break out of our inner circle. We must get help from the

      civilian community else those folks 65 and older that just got Tricare

      for Life, that is connected directly to Medicare, will be hurting.

      Payments to Medicare providers has already been cut by 5.4% and in just

      a few months it will be cut again by another 5.7%. The Government, by

      accident or by design, is destroying Medicare and Tricare for Life. The

      medical profession will soon draw a line in the sand and we will be on

      the wrong side of that line.

      PS: If you have already looked at http://mrgrg-ms.org/stopcuts.html then

      look again. I just changed some of the wording and added some images.



      Floyd Sears, MSGT, USAF, 1951-1971, (Retired)

      Military Retiree Grass Roots Group (MRGRG-MS-5)

      Keeping the military retiree medical care broken promise issue alive

      Home page .. http://MRGRG-MS.org

      SAVE TFL ... Ask your REPS to stop cuts to Medicare Providers.

      TELL-EM .... The Congress can not hear what is not being said.

      ELECT ...... REPS that support military retirees and veterans.

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