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Fw: [UnitedStatesMilitia] can't do it anymore

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  • Gene Royall
    This is the truth! Gene Get the USA out of the UN, and the UN out of the USA Disabled Korean War Vet, disabled in the Service to our Country, VA denied for
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      This is the truth!


      Get the USA out of the UN, and the UN out of the USA
      Disabled Korean War Vet, disabled in the Service to our Country, VA denied
      for Service Connection...
      Lets get the Condoms out of our schools, and replace them with the 10
      Commandments! Pay off the National Debt, and get back on the GOLD STANDARD!!
      and away from the FEDERAL RESERVE!!!!!
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      From: Winfred Richardson <Patriot001@...>
      To: <UnitedStatesMilitia@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 7:14 PM
      Subject: Re: [UnitedStatesMilitia] can't do it anymore

      > >Mike J.You are listing the 13th Texas Infantry along with several
      > >other units under the heading of "United States Militia". This gives >the
      > >impression that we are part of this organization.
      > What this list is trying to do is the same thing I'm doing with the
      > this weekend, build unity, create and increase communications, get a
      > consensis of goals we can all subscribe to.
      > None of this is possible without getting together and discussing it, as
      > as options.
      > Every group has moles or infiltrators and that statement will includes
      > everyone. What will you do if your unit is set up and has a standoff
      > situation. What do you want the other groups to do. Now is the time to
      > about this and it does no good for you to know and the others not to know.
      > >This not correct, no one in the command structure of the 13th has
      > > >authorized a union of the two organizations. The 13th Tx Inf Reg would
      > > >need to be aware of the function and mission of the "United States
      > > >Militia" before we can consider any association.
      > This is not a union per say yet, it is communications. For the last few
      > weeks we have been making suggestions. Most sound good but we must have a
      > consensus. Some will be adopted, some will not.
      > There is the formation meeting this weekend, another May 19 then some will
      > go on the Knob Creek in April to work with the militias on a national
      > At the meeting this weekend at Galveston you may find you want to be a
      > and you CAN BE involved in the agreements we are trying to hammer out.
      > >At this point you have no authority to post the 13th as part of your
      > > >organization. We request the removal from your listing ASAP.
      > This list is for communications, plain and simple.
      > My thoughts to All:
      > Col Fannin chose not to be part of the battle at the Alamo. He used a
      > falling off a wagon as an excuse to turn around and go back to Goliad.
      > If he had went to the Alamo it is conceivable the war could have bee won
      > there. We will never know and the defenders at the Alamo paid with their
      > lives.
      > The rest of the story is: Col Fannin surrendered and he and all his men
      > put to death uselessly without taking a single enemy with them.
      > It is more important to know whether you can depend on other units
      > than it is to just have their numbers on your side.
      > Rich
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