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[veterans] LRRP Memorial Day Sit-Rep from Bobby Ross 5/31/99

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  • Bobby Ross
    Hey LRRP! At 2400 Hours tonight, the Sixth SPLASH Mission will come to a close. Tomorrow we begin gatherin the strength we are gonna need ta launch the 7th
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 1999
      Hey LRRP!

      At 2400 Hours tonight, the Sixth SPLASH Mission will come to a
      close. Tomorrow we begin gatherin' the strength we are gonna need ta
      launch the 7th SPLASH Mission for Veterans Day, 1999. I will "stand down"
      our LRRP FIRST TEAM tonight. And what a wonderful job these fine LRRPs
      have done. Radio stations all over the country are sayin' somethin' "nice"
      about American Veterans as we speak. Here are some samples of what
      American Radio Stations are sayin':

      >It is our pleasure to be a link to home for all of those who are serving
      >our country...we are very proud of all of you who have represented and
      >defended us so well over the years! Thank YOU!

      >Thanks for listening...and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

      >Chris Sommer
      KPLX, 99.5 The Wolf
      Dallas/Fort Worth


      >My dad is a WWII vet and I don't think we can honor you guys enough.
      >Thanks for what you did for this country to preserve our freedoms and
      >again thanks for tuning our way.

      >Jeff Gainous--morning announcer


      >It really means a lot to me to read your note and realize that Bobby
      >Ross's tremendous efforts, and my small ones, are making a difference. I'm
      >glad that by recognizing America's Veterans, WVBR can be part of something

      >My day today had its ups and downs, but your e-mail has put this
      >particular Friday squarely in the "good day" category.

      >Thanks. :-)

      >Mark H. Anbinder mha@... http://wvbr.com/
      >WVBR FM Ithaca 93.5 & 105.5 FM Direct 607-257-1831
      >227 Linden Avenue real rock radio Main 273-4000
      >Ithaca, NY 14850 Fax 273-4069

      >I'll ALWAYS remember you folks.
      >Now you can listen to Moby in the Morning LIVE in Real Audio


      These are just a few of the "nice" things American Radio are sayin'
      right now across our land about America's greatest treasure: her Veterans.
      And, our LRRP Sunflower Patrol is HOT! We have hundreds of Mammoth
      sunflowers growin' from Alaska to Florida, from New England to Hawaii, and
      from Southern California to New Jersey and all States in between to honor
      our Veterans for this comin' Veterans Day, and for Willie Nelson's 1999
      FARM AID. Our LRRP RAIDERS are gettin' close to RAID the Spence Manor on
      Music Row and make it into a Veteran owned luxury hotel right at the hub of
      Nashville's excitin' Music Industry. My new web site is up and runnin',
      and it's HOT! And, so many LRRPs are sendin' in the code word: ACTIVE.

      This weekend, America honors her fallen warriors of all of her
      wars. Personally, I am honorin' my father, my uncles, my friends, my
      buddies and my forefathers. They all rest in peace in graveyards
      everywhere around the world. And, our Active Duty Military Personnel are
      fightin' a war right now in Kosovo, so they need our support more than

      Today, Memorial Day, I wish each and everyone of you the very best
      and hope you, like myself, are able to remember those who fell. Their
      spirits live in our hearts, their sacrifices survive in our souls, and
      their courage flow in our tears.


      >They fought for liberty and right; they died,
      >Unselfishly, in Freedom's cause.
      >- George Hurlbut Barbour -

      O God, our heavenly Father, we bless you again for your promised day, when
      by your providence, and by the might of your arm, you will make wars to
      cease; accept our praise and thanksgiving. As on this day we remember
      before you all those who fought and died that we might live, accept our
      gratitude, and make us more worthy of their sacrifice unto death, and help
      us to follow more closely in the steps of your blessed Son, that at last we
      may stand with them in your presence; where all praise, thanksgiving, and
      honor will be given to you. Amen.

      >Bobby Ross

      >Echo Summit Music
      >11 Music Square East
      >Suite #501
      >Nashville, TN 37203

      >Office 615 244-8725

      >SPLASH '99!


      SPLASH 99!


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