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  • Thomas Ramsay
    An 823 BOHAUSA Communication Members and Associates: www.taiwanvets.com From: Lloyd Evans April 2nd. BOHAUSA
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2012
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      "An 823 BOHAUSA Communication"<BOHAUSA@...>Members and Associates: www.taiwanvets.com

      From: "Lloyd Evans" <bohausa@...>

      April 2nd. BOHAUSA monthly newsletter #164 soon to be posted, LLOYD 040112 1720Sunday, April 1, 2012 3:25 PM
      From: "Lloyd Evans" <bohausa@...>View contact detailsTo: "An 823 BOHAUSA Communication" <BOHAUSA@...>Members and Associates:

      "An 823 BOHAUSA Communication" <BOHAUSA@...>Members and Associates:

      The April 2nd newsletter is in the hands of webmaster and Member Joe �Lurch� Richardson,USAF,BOH�02. I just sent it as I was attending the NC Vietnam Homecoming event at the Charlotte Speedway yesterday. Seventy thousand, reported in attendance � frankly, the TV stations showed it as a wonderful event. My take, �It sucked.� Yet I congratulate the USO for making the attempt. The only thing I didn�t hear was a �Thank you.� broadcast by the Willy Yahoo types from the bandstand to the college age �thugs� of the �60s that assisted a feckless USA Govt to �surrender� 100 million Vietnamese to live under communism; and I may have been the only Vet to tell the contingent of Montagnards, that had a gathering at the event, �I�m sorry we abandoned you Republic (of South Vietnam). Many Montagnartds immigrated the the US states of North Carolina and South Carolina in the late 1970s after the �Nam war and lead productive lives making contribution to the �pot� called America.

      Now you know why our association is so important � have you reread our Mission Statement lately?

      I took our eldest grandson (age 14), our Oakridge Military Academy cadet, with me. He surprised me with his response to �And so Zak, where do you see yourself 5 years from now?� �I�m going to be a Marine nonno (Italian for grandfather).�

      Interesting, I wonder if I had anything to do with this? But who knows, young men and women have flights of fancy and whatever he does he�ll have that very important grounding that he receives at the �academy.� That �grounding� speaks volumes about private education vs. the government schools where they now can contest saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

      LLOYD www.taiwanvets.com

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