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    Cold Wae Veterans Say 2009...Hope You Will Also Contact Your Senator and Congressman ... From: jmansfield57@yahoo.com Subject: Cold
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      Cold Wae Veterans Say 2009...Hope You Will Also Contact Your Senator and Congressman

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      Subject: Cold War
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      Date: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 11:42 AM

         Here's the proposal Congressional People and Senators. You all asked for and obviously received our
      votes. Now we Cold War/Europe Defense Veterans are asking for your vote. Believe me, Please, When I say "It works both ways"
         The Cold War /Europe Defense Veterans have been asking the House and Senate to pass a bill for the LONG OVER DUE Cold War/Europe Defense Service Medal. The Piece of paper titled "Certificate Of Recognition" just ain't gonna get it!
         President Eisenhower recognized the importance of the Cold War in Europe, when he stated," There is but one way to avoid total war-That is to win the Cold War in Europe" Check your notes Congress People and Senators. 25 December 1991, USSR-Warsaw Pact collapsed. The Cold War/Europe Defense Warriors made it happen. We Won. Again check
      your notes, President Regan stated that Fact.  Again, That piece of paper hanging on the wall, just doesn't do it! for the effort and accomplishment made.
         The responsibility of altering Seventh Army and the rest of the world,in case of attack, is the mission of armored cavalry regiments along the "Iron Curtain" No other units in the United Stats Army, except for those in Korea, have an actual mission to perform and few units anywhere have a mission of such importance to the WHOLE FREE WORLD. Quote from Lt Gen Bruce Clark, Commanding General US Seventh Army Europe 1958.
         This "COLD WAR" Beget 382 Deaths and 165 POW/MIA's. The Cold War was the longest WAR in the history of our Nation.
         The time for RECOGNITION is NOW! We Cold War/Europe Defense Veterans invite you Congressmen and Ladies and Senators to stand with us. Pass the
      existing resolution or create and pass a new one, but do it NOW!
         Thank You for your attention
      and thank you for your cooperation in the creation and recognition of the Cold War/Europe Defense Medal created and passed in 2009. We invite you to join with us at americancoldwarvets.org and EDVA@yahoogroups.com
      Joe E. Mansfield US Army 1958-62
      Schwabach, WGermany
      This letter goes to my Brother and Sister Cold War/Europe Defense Veterans. It also goes to Senators Bayh and Lugar Reps Buyer, Burton and Pence

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