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BOHAUSA: Every July, we pay tribute to our Hon. Gen., R.J. Feeney.Thursday, July 3, 2008 8:22 AM

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  • Thomas Ramsay
    BOHAUSA: Every July, we pay tribute to our Hon. Gen., R.J. Feeney.Thursday, July 3, 2008 8:22 AM From: LLOYD Evans
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      BOHAUSA: Every July, we pay tribute to our Hon. Gen., R.J. Feeney.Thursday, July 3, 2008 8:22 AM

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      How does one begin to measure the worth of any man? Of course, there are many ways but one is what remains after his death. Richie died one day before his 65th. birthday dob ( DOB 7/16/38; DOD 7/15/03). He was one very proud U.S. Marine he never forgot the drill nor the discipline which he accepted as a member of platoon #102 at Parris Island, SC [8-10/1955, sn1560732]. Subsequent spit and shine duties at the Wash., D.C. Naval Yard left him yearning for division. He volunteered, and all through the years corporal Feeney spoke often of My beloved fire team [?B? Co., 1st. Batt., 3MARREG; 3MARDIVREINF]). Richie found his military experiences, as you,
      stuff that were workable in his life and he defined himself with them. Tough as nails, no nonsense straight forward with a Yes. Or a No. There were no Maybes or I'll think about its. with the man. Yes he suffered with the challenges of life and the infirmities of military service, but he prevailed and didn?t allow them to stop the importance of getting the first 800 men to their Taiwan awards. The many meetings I had with him were always eventful and the back and forths we discussed about ...call it the Taiwan Vets Organization, the Order of Palms.... But 823 BOHAUSA prevailed as we both realized the greater significance of that first award and those subsequent. It was a Badge of Honor to be recognized by a nation 40 years later and to be included in their joint military
      presentations. Another example of his fortitude, when others at age 60 are
      counting the days 'til retirement Richie was graduated from Boston College
      at age 60 and charting a course of continual involvement with BOHAUSA and
      within the Dorchester community which he loved so dearly. This coming August
      23, 2008, the president of Taiwan is hosting a dinner on the island of
      Quemoy for all of us that participated 50 years to the day in defense of his
      nation; and it is a salute to all since that have defended Taiwan from
      communist aggression. Let us hope that 50 years from today, on the 100th.
      anniversary of 823 that a similar celebration is held and in a Taiwan where
      the citizens elect their political destinies hopefully still free still a democratic republic.

      This morning is the day before the Fourth of July, the 232nd. birthday of
      our people declaring ?We?ve had it with foreign rule tyranny! and like many of you I will be celebrating it with flags, back yard bar-b-que. This
      afternoon I will be visiting my U.S. congressperson at an annual recurring
      celebratory event in town, yes, she is a member of the House Congressional
      Taiwan Caucus too. Oh there'll be other dignitaries there, the mayor, and members of the military etc., and not that its election time, but most of
      our politicians take their jobs of representing us seriously, and they are appreciated. They are not all self-aggrandizing. But to you the BOHAUSA
      member, dues paying or not, when you glance upon your Taiwan award(s) and
      certificate(s), and proudly have them on display for visitors or guests to
      view, remember this, had Richie not handled what was important one day many
      years ago, those walls and shadow boxes would be empty so too missing would be those AFEMs (Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals) and other awards.
      Today, this July, we pay homage at the Boston Globe?s Legacy site ? which we
      own to make tribute to our friend and benefactor Honorable General,
      Richard J. Feeney,USMC,BOH?98. He lives in our memories and is alive because
      we will remember him. Richie, the work you started continues, and yes its
      true that many still have not gotten the word that Taiwan has honored them,
      but we push on knowing that the your 5,000+ members are passing the word to
      the few reaming out there.

      Members, new and past even if you?ve left tribute in the past, do so

      Go to:


      Then click on: Sign Guest book.

      God has blessed America look to the military, past, present and future as
      evidence of His blessings.

      Happy Fourth of July, 2008

      LLOYD (Evans)
      823 Badge of Honor Association USA
      125 Lochmoore Court
      Winston-Salem NC 27127
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