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5167RE: [vernalpool] Herbicides and Vernal Pools

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  • deMaynadier, Phillip
    Jul 7, 2014

      It’s true there is not much published on this subject, but Michelle Boone and Bruce Pauli have written a succinct review of chemical contaminants in vernal pools with a section on herbicides. It’s a book chapter in: Calhoun, A. and deMaynadier, P. (editors). 2008. Science and Conservation of Vernal Pools in Northeastern North America. CRC Press, FL.


      Good luck … phillip



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      Not sure about "conspiracy theories,” but introducing any toxins to a sensitive area such as a vernal pool is logically going to wreck havoc on its system. Yes, amazing that there are no substantive studies on this topic.


      On Jul 6, 2014, at 5:13 PM, johnlavelle23@... [vernalpool] <vernalpool@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      conspiracy theories


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