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Ventura pelagic trip report - 16 July 2017, Cook's Petrels, Craveri'

Hi all On Sunday July 16, Island Packers hosted a 12-hour pelagic trip from the Ventura Harbor.  With a favorable forecast, our goal was to go southwest to
David Pereksta
Jul 20

Frigate Bird

Just had a reliable report of a frigrate bird off Pitas Point/Faria Beach yesterday afternoon at 6:30 p.m., Reporting this only because we were out on the
Jesse Grantham
Jul 18

Re: last Sunday's pelagic?

Wim and others, I plan on putting out a trip summary on www.thesaltybird.com but I haven't even had time enough to go through all my photos if that tells you
Joel Barrett
Jul 18

last Sunday's pelagic?

So, where can I read about last Sunday's pelagic? Thanks Wim van Dam Solvang. Santa Barbara County, CA
Wim van Dam
Jul 17

Trips to Frasier Mt. and Mt Pinos 6/30

Hi, all. Mary H and I had a wonderful Fri-Sat birding trip to Frasier and Pinos. It seems to me that only dirt bikers and a few birders know Frasier. I spent
Kay Emerick
Jul 5

Canada Larga - invitation to build houses

See below for a link to promotional video. CL has been targeted for development for years. think of the breeding bird disaster! We must be even more
Kay Emerick
Jul 5

Adult Peregrines being followed by loudly begging fledglings confirm

On June 29th I had an adult peregrine falcon being followed by a loudly begging fledgling over Nordoff High School in Ojai about 8:00 in the morning. Today,
Jesse Grantham
Jul 1

Pelagic trip out of Ventura with Island Packers on July 16

Hi All This is a reminder that Island Packers is offering a 12-hour deepwater pelagic trip from the Ventura Harbor at 7 am on Sunday July 16.  This trip will
David Pereksta
Jun 30

Also happy stuff on Ventura Settling Ponds today

Hi, all. I thought I should balance the sad Loon news with all the great and fun stuff today - lots of learning, And four new birder friends! Juvenile Downy
Kay Regester
Jun 25

Red Throated Loon settling ponds

I first saw this bird two weeks ago. Figured it was dying of demoic acid poisoning. Imagine my surprise when Linda E Reported the bird again this week. This
Kay Emerick
Jun 25

Ventura ABC Total

Hey birders, I know it's a bit late, but our final total for the ABC count was 219 species. We had several rare species that were initially on the list but
Frank DeMartino
Jun 24

Morro Bay Pelagic Trip

Join us for a Morro Coast Audubon Society pelagic trip out of Morro Bay on Saturday, October 14th. This is the latest date we've tried a trip in these waters,
Michael D. Stiles
Jun 23

Frazier Mountain Indigo Bunting

Late yesterday afternoon on Frazier Mountain there was a singing male INDIGO BUNTING. The bird was just above and to the east of Chuchupate Campground along
James Searcy
Jun 21

Lake Sherwood

Out in my kayak right now and there are 5 Green Heron chicks fishing with adults close by. Mary E Hansen Lake Sherwood Sent from my iPhone
Jun 19

Re: Snow Goose at SCRE

Bill and others, There is indeed a Snow Goose at the Santa Clara River Estuary. This bird was first reported on eBird June 3rd by Naresh Satyan and has been
Adam James Searcy
Jun 14
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