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20Agenda for meeting: 10/23/2004

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  • Maharajan Muthuswamy
    Oct 23 6:23 PM
      Hey guys,

      Here is a rough agenda for today's meeting.

      Time: 10/23/04 2:30 AM IST
      Place: Yahoo! Chat
      1. Decide moderator/recorder for the meeting
      2. Attendance and Introductions
      3. Announcements
      4. Additions to agenda with approval of all members.
      5. Introductory Information about the group.
      6. Key members in Chennai. Contact information
      7. What has Chakkravarthi been doing so far?
      a. What is the profile of the activities
      b. What are his resources?
      c. What does he need further?
      d. How could overseas members in help?
      8. Status of bank account
      9. Overseas activities (Updates from Maha, Sarna and Utham)
      10. Schedule regular meetings
      11. Summary
      a. Prepare action points, deadlines and responsibilities for
      b. Time, agenda and moderator for next meeting

      This is our first meeting, so lets give it our best to make it
      effective. Most important - stick to the agenda. However, since, this
      is the first meeting and so, let us cut ourselves some slack if
      things are not P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

      Please email the group if you have any questions.

      Could someone volunteer to be the moderator/facilitator for today's
      meeting? We also need another person to volunteer to record the
      minutes of the meeting. If we can get this done right away, the first
      point of the agenda would be taken care even before the meeting...
      how cool is that? hurray!!!

      Alright guys, please please please make it on time.

      If you are not sure where the conference is going on. Send a personal
      message to Sathish, Utham or me. (Our yahoo! ids are kumar_624,
      utham_as, m_maharajan) One of us will add you onto the meeting.

      The meeting will start promptly at 2:30 AM. Please, please, please be
      on time.
      Thanks guys,
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