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15Thanks, other updates and intros Re: [velicham] change in schedule

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  • Maharajan Muthuswamy
    Oct 16, 2004
      Thanks, Sarna. I appreciate your coming forward with this email. And I do hope everyone else also see the need to be in regular touch.
      Any ideas/suggestions will be very welcome.
      Sarna, I will try and get in touch with the guys in Chennai and try and set up a time and medium for our conference next weekend.
      At this point, I would like to introduce another of our overseas members. Harish Gopalakrishnan aka Haisa, is also a part of this group, like Sarna, he was also my roomie when I was at Oregon State University. Some of you might have met him and also know that our friendship dates way back to high school.
      Haisa graduated from Oregon State this last summer with an MS in Electrical Engineering with a primary focus on low power digital design. He has since then been working as a researcher with Len Forbes at Oregon State University. He is yet another committed member like Sarna and looks forward to a fruitful association with the group  and is eager to assist Chakkravarthy in his altruistic pursuits.
      It has been quite a while since I spoke with Arun. I will try and get in touch with him over this weekend and see how he can contribute to Velicham.
      I have talked to a couple of other friends of mine here and they would also be willing to be direct members. Once formalities are finalized and we have a mission statement, goals and an agenda, I shall continue my efforts on recruiting members here.
      Sarna has also spoken to a couple of his friends in the US and Singapore. Sarna, could you please provide a brief update on that?
      I will be in touch with the guys in Chennai and will post to the groups as to what transpired out of that.
      Utham said that a lot of the members are not subscribed to this group. Could someone in Chennai please volunteer to ensure that all direct members are aware of this group?
      For the benefit of Sarna and Haisa.... the other guys in this group are all mostly my classmates, you guys know Siva (Western Michigan) and Utham (Singapore) and Sathish(Chennai). At present, there are 3 other members in this yahoogroup, two of whom, I know. One is Rajkumar, he is currently working at Infosys, Chennai and the other is ArunKumar MRP,(commonly referred to as MRP). The last time I contacted him, he was working in Coimbatore. MRP, could you please send in a brief email introducing yourself to the rest of the group.
      I am not sure who the other member is - chocochip3 @ yahoo dot com. Whoever that is, could you please send in a brief intro email?
      I am not sure why Bharani is not a part of this group. From what I know, he is yet another of the frontliners as far as this organization is concerned. Okay, more to come later.
      Thanks guys, lets not lose the momentum. Please keep emailing the groups. I am appending the proposed agenda for the weekend meeting to this email. Please give it a read and feel free to add to it.
      Sorry guys, this has gotten to be yet another long email. I will strive to make my emails short in future. It is not that I am not aware of it, I will work on it.. :(
      Agenda for weekend meeting:
      1. Introductory Information about the group.
      2. Key members in Chennai
      3. What Chakkravarthi has been doing so far.
      a) What is the profile of the activities
      b) What are his resources?
      c) What does he further need?
      d) How can the members in the US help?
      4. Status of bank account
      5. Schedule regular meetings

      saravanan shanmuganathan <sarna75@...> wrote:
      Thanks Satish for the update! I would say its so far
      so good..atleast the start-up formalities have been
      taken care of.

      Members, keep in touch! Maha, do you think you can
      touch base with Satish and other members, fix up a
      time for next weekend for the conference call and send
      an e-mail to the group?

      I will be in Chennai this December and I am hoping to
      get a clear velicham about 'Velicham' by then. Satish,
      as we discussed earlier we will do the needful for me
      to become a paid volunteer of Velicham while I am

      Take care guys. Bye!


      --- sathish kumar <kumar_624@...> wrote:
      > Hai Everybody,
      >                      Sorry guys,just saw the
      > mail.Totally held up with my work.This 16th i won't
      > be in  station, will be back only on 19th.Shall we
      > reschedule it to next weekend.I will confirm with
      > the members here and let u all know the exact date
      > and time.
      >                        We r lacking inertia,thats
      > true Maha.Everyone here feel the same.we sure go to
      > discuss on our monthly agenda.
      >                        Utham,i got ur message da.I
      > tried to reply but it failed,i will check with my
      > service provider and message u again.Dai, get going
      > with our velicham website.
      > Few things under process,
      > 1.The registration process is almost complete.
      > 2.NGO's bank account will opened in SBI,chetpet
      > 3.We have appointed four paid (Rs 400)volunteers to
      > take care of the tutions at two main centers in
      > Solevaram.They will be under the control of
      > Chakeravarthy.
      > 4.Our NGO's office will setup at Murugandam's
      > building near Puzhal
      > more to come up soon...we will discuss that during
      > our conference next weekend
      > Keep u updated ASAP.
      > Velicham Parevattum
      > bye,
      > Sathish
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