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11URGENT: Schedule first meeting with overseas members

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  • Maharajan Muthuswamy
    Oct 11, 2004
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      Hey Guys,

      Its high time we started moving... we are remaining in a long period
      of lull ever since this group was started.... forgive me for saying
      so, I am not sure what is going on in Chennai... if you guys are
      doing something... I am sorry for saying that we are in a lull...

      But at least, I have been in a lull as far as this group goes... I
      havent done anything except for sending emails... we need to get
      going guys.... Inertia is a very bad thing... especially for a young
      organization like ours... a very good start is highly critical.. so,
      lets all take some time off from our busy schedules and get something

      I was talking to my friend Saravanan (Sarna), who is also a member of
      Velicham and he was the one who chided me for this slow pace from our
      (guys in the US) sides... both of us decided that the guys here
      should start getting in touch with you guys more often and start
      moving things...

      There is no point in just sending emails...

      So, I propose we have a conference this weekend. Please confirm what
      time would be okay for you guys. Minimally, I would like to talk to
      Chakkravarthy, Sathish and Barani (assuming you three guys are the
      most active volunteers), anyone else is welcome... just that in that
      case, we will have to change the medium of the conference( at the
      moment I am thinking of a teleconference, we could change it to
      yahoo! conference, if there are a lot of guys who want to be a part
      of this...)

      How about

      10:30 AM on Sunday Oct 16th IST

      If that is not possible, please come up with a concrete time and
      email the group...

      Guys, please lets do this... there are so many ppl that Sarna and I
      have spoken to here... lot of ppl are interested, but both of us are
      at a loss to say what the group is doing, has done etc...

      Minimally, we need to discuss the following:

      1. Introductory Information about the group.
      2. Key members in Chennai
      3. What Chakkravarthi has been doing so far.
      a) What is the profile of the activities
      b) What are his resources?
      c) What does he further need?
      d) How can the members in the US help?
      4. Status of bank account
      5. Schedule regular meetings

      This is just a rough agenda. Guys, please add on to this as you might
      deem fit.

      Please reply back with a convenient time soon.

      Machaan, could we register velicham.net?
      What is your take on this?
      Can you be available for a conference call?

      Anyone else I am missing, please feel free to mail in and

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