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Remiu Minciu sodo veikla - Dalyvaukime!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Gal kas perpasakotų lietuvių kalba? Ir pasiūlytų sumanymų? Andrius ... I m inspired with all the wonderful activity at our Minciu Sodas laboratory s many
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      Gal kas perpasakotų lietuvių kalba? Ir pasiūlytų sumanymų? Andrius

      I'm inspired with all the wonderful activity at our Minciu Sodas
      laboratory's many groups. http://www.ms.lt/news.php I've been working
      full-time teaching math at the American University in Bosnia and
      Herzegovina http://www.aubih.ba I'd like to invest some of the money I'm
      earning to strengthen our networks and open opportunities.

      Please consider participating in $100 projects. We have shown many times
      how a small amount of money (typically, $100) can sponsor a project that
      makes a step forward in our thinking and working together. I can support
      some example projects and I hope more of us might, too. I don't have time
      to manage or run individual projects and so that is where we need your
      help! Here are some examples that I have in mind:

      * Graham Knight http://biodesign.webeden.co.uk is promoting the use in
      Africa of solar powered battery rechargers for mobile phones. I sponsored
      a $100 project in which Peter Ongele in Kenya demonstrated that indeed,
      this technology works. So now we might do a further $100 project to
      explore business possibilities. Kennedy Owino, Samwel Kongere, Tom
      Ochuka, Wendi Loshe Bernadette, Peter Ongele, perhaps one or more of you
      (or others?) might be interested?

      * Peter Ongele is interested to survey the effectiveness of the use or
      misuse of bednets to prevent malaria. He's already done some initial
      work. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/learnhowtolearn/message/359
      Peter Burgess has written several supportive letters. Are you working
      together? Perhaps I might sponsor a small project? Peter, what might you
      achieve with $100?

      * Benoit Couture wants to start a reconciliation center in Edmonton for
      nurturing his and other families
      Perhaps Fred Kayiwa could do some social networking to help find others in
      Edmonton who might be interested?

      * Franz Nahrada wants to promote Gleb Turin's global villages work in the
      Archangelsk province of Russia. Tomas Cepaitis, Foreign Minister of
      Uzhupis, could translate between Russian, English and also involve people
      in Russia, Lithuania and other countries.

      * Fred Kayiwa is starting to build websites for NGOs such as Uganda Youth
      Football. He needs help to learn how to build web pages. Others are also
      interested to learn. Perhaps Kiyavilo Msekwa or somebody else might tutor
      our participants? perhaps at our chat room?

      * Edward Cherlin has invited us to give ideas for a Sugar Labs proposal.
      I suggest, for example, that children might use Sugar and the OLPC to help
      adults get their stories and wisdom out, especially the differently abled.
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/earthtreasury/message/134 This would be
      great for our Includer project http://www.includer.org which could use
      Sugar on old computers and other devices.

      * Charles Williams is helping David Ellison-Bey participate more actively
      online. As he suggested, I could dedicate some money for a new printer
      for David, but especially if they might work together. I would like to do
      video bridges with them. David has a laptop and a projector.

      * Freddie A. Green of the House of Culture in Chicago wants help with his
      websites and to link them up with our Minciu Sodas laboratory. I would be
      glad to sponsor $100 towards Charles services for Freddie, especially if
      they might strengthen our network together.

      * Marcin Jakubowski has a great blog. Perhaps somebody in Africa might
      help promote his innovations and see who might be interested to try one or
      more of them out? This could be a good example of spreading content

      * It would be great if somebody might work with Ricardo to survey all of
      our African participants to learn what kind of Internet access and
      computers they have, and what kind of Includer would be useful for them.

      * We could do a project with Masimba Biriwiasha to support his book and
      library program. I would like to work with a math teacher and ultimately
      publish my algebra notes there to see if they might be useful there.

      * Sasha Mrkailo has agreed to work a bit for me to look for EU funding for
      projects with the university here in Bosnia, which might include our chat
      room, peacemaking, math education, statistics education and a global
      villages index.

      And many more projects:
      * Kennedy Owino and others care about the differently abled.
      * Cathy Stubington shared with us a fantastic project for making sanitary

      We also need much help with programming at our websites, including
      teaching people how to program. These are not big solutions (I've had
      disastrous experiences with Drupal and other content management systems)
      but little $100 projects, for example, to link Twitter with our chat room,
      or to access the NING system to know who is logged in and let other
      programs use that information. I would very much like to work with Todd
      Kelsey, Alex Rollin and others and thank you for the important discussion
      at Global Villages

      Each project should involve at least a pair of people, typically:
      * one or more people on-the-ground, typically in a developing country
      * one or more people online who care
      Each of these people should share with us:
      * what is a small, real step that they would like to achieve with this
      * a question that they don't know the answer to, but this project might
      help answer
      * their relevant values, why is this project important to them?
      That helps us work together in a deep way.
      Finally, how does your project strengthen our network? This could include:
      * business opportunities for yourself or me or others at our lab
      * new relationships for working together both for free and for pay
      * infrastructure online or on-the-ground for our lab and network
      * examples that showcase what we could achieve if we had funding

      I will send the money at the start of the project. No deliverables are
      needed, just your good will to work together and achieve what you think
      most important.

      I can support quite a few projects. And then we can find more supporters.
      What we really need is YOU! either doing a project or guiding it so that
      it is meaningful to more of us around the world.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      skype: minciusodas
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