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Kaip Eičiūniuose padėsime afrikiečiams?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Zenonai, Audrone, Kviečiu skubiai pamąstyti ir rašyti, kaip Eičiūnuose galėtumėme palaikyti afrikiečius Kenijoje, Ugandoje, Ghanoje bei Nigerijoje.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2008
      Zenonai, Audrone,

      Kviečiu skubiai pamąstyti ir rašyti, kaip Eičiūnuose galėtumėme palaikyti
      afrikiečius Kenijoje, Ugandoje, Ghanoje bei Nigerijoje. Rašau paraišką
      Minčių sodo vardu Jungtinės karalystės fondui, turiu įteikti prieš rugsėjo
      pirmą. Siūlysiu steigti Minčių sodo centrus Afrikoje, bet taip pat
      palaikyti centrus Eičiūnuose ir JAV-ėse, Missouri valstijoje, Factor E
      Farm http://openfarmtech.org/weblog/ Mes kviesime afrikiečius šviesuolius
      atvykti mokytis kaip naudotis video, Internetiniais dienoraščiais ir
      kitomis priemonėmis. Tad man svarbu, kad jūs skubiai, kad ir keliais
      laiškais, išdėstymėte savo svajones, ką norėtumėte įgyvendinti Eičiūnuose.
      Pagal tai galėsiu teisingai siūlyti.

      Irena, Tomai,

      Ar jūs man padėtumėte rašyti paraišką Užsienio reikalų ministerijai
      talkininkauti Afganistane? Kaip jūs įsivaizduojate, kaip norėtumėte
      dalyvauti, ką galėtumėme gero nuveikti? Prašau skubiai rašyti.

      Romualdai, Zane, Virgilijau, Dariau, Broniau, Ačiū už laiškus. Prašau
      rašyti, ko patys siekiame sau? ir tada galėsime dalykiškai palaikyti.
      Laukiu laiškų!

      Linkėjimai iš Čikagos. Pridedu daugiau informacijos apie paraišką
      palaikyti afrikiečius.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minčių sodas
      +1 312 618 3345


      I am writing a Concept Note for the African Innovation Challenge Fund.
      Our application is due September 1, 2008. I invite you to join our Minciu
      Sodas team. Please let us know quickly if you are interested and how you
      wish to be involved.

      This fund is quite flexible. It is funded by the United Kingdom to
      promote innovations that have been identified over the years in the
      Natural Resources Knowledge Database:
      See, for example, the 148 innovations for Kenya:
      They are mostly in agriculture.

      We can ask for up to 300,000 GBP for a 3-year project. We have to come up
      with an additional 30% cofinancing but that can include our time that we
      donate. This is for promoting innovations in certain African countries
      including Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, but people can participate from
      all over the world. The innovations must be related to those listed in
      the database, which are mostly agricultural. However, they will also fund
      novel ways to get the word out about these innovations.

      I will write this as a proposal to fund Minciu Sodas in Africa with bases
      in Kenya and Uganda, and if there is interest, in Nigeria and Ghana. I
      will propose to live in Africa for half the year, but also to have bases
      in Eiciunai, Lithuania and Factor E Farm, Missouri where Africans will
      come to learn social media techniques (videos, blogs) in a global villages
      setting. We will exchange skills relevant for spreading knowledge,
      including community theater http://www.repacted.org, acrobatics events
      http://www.nafsiafrica.org , peace caravans http://www.peace-caravan.org
      We will have an Internet team engaging and helping people as we have with
      our chats and wikis as Sasha Mrkailo, Fred Kayiwa and others have shown.

      We will support individual farmers so their personal efforts are
      recognized and they benefit as their example has a wide impact. We will
      express the innovations that we need to promote in terms of "food stories"
      as we started with My Food Story http://www.myfoodstory.com We will use
      the "food story" format in a variety of settings, including marginal
      Internet access, making use of our Includer efforts
      http://www.includer.org , as well as cell phones and fractal organization,
      as we did with Pyramid of Peace http://www.pyramidofpeace.net

      We will send agricultural experts such as Ben de Vries for long stays in
      Africa. We need to think of how to organize ourselves locally in Kenya
      and other countries. We will have bases in Nairobi and in rural Kenya and
      rural Uganda and perhaps elsewhere.

      Pamela, Ricardo, and all, we should highlight our UK connections.

      We will need many letters of interest to participate from the African
      countries and from around the world. Please write what kind of work you
      would like to do to spread agricultural innovations, what you wish to
      earn, and what groups you might represent and get involved. I will then
      ask for more specific information.

      Please also let me know if you can help prepare our proposal. There is
      much to do, but a good start is to examine the innovations that we will
      need to promote, see the links above.

      Frequently asked questions:

      We have done outstanding work and this fund seems quite flexible, but
      focused on promoting the many innovations that they have already

      I would like us to win!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 312 618 3345
      in Chicago until October 14
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