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VSS eNewsletter 15 June 2013

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Description: Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 15 June 2013 Description: In This Issue Description: Editor s Note VSS NEWS Come be Chained to
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      VSS eNewsletter





      Description: Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      15 June 2013
      Description: In This Issue

      Description: Editor’s Note

      VSS NEWS

      Come be Chained to a Tree at Speakers’ Corner
      Veg Buddy Organiser Interviewed by I-S Magazine
      New Corporate Member – BGO ECOSHOP
      Green Singapore Sale 2013 Around The Corner

      Farm Tour to Firefly Organic Farm
      A Test for You
      Classes by Nutrihub Culinary Art
      Classes by Little Green Cafe
      Ordinary Vegan Blog – Worth the Read

      In the past few months, the interest in our workshops and events has been tremendous and we continue to receive emails after each event/workshop to ask about the next time the event will be held. This response has truly been encouraging for the organisers and trainers and is definitely a sign that the community and interest is growing at an exponential rate, well done!
      Communications Officer

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      VSS members enjoy discounts at these fine restaurants and establishments.


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      Come be Chained to a Tree at Speakers’ Corner

      Join Singaporean eco-artist Teresa Teo Guttensohn as she and her friends chain themselves to a tree, to call attention to the issue of the plan for a cross-island MRT line underneath Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and central catchment area, potentially destroying the precious remaining rainforest and its amazing biodiversity.
      You can sign a petition and have an eco-picnic to support the efforts of this brave activist. The 24-hour ‘performance will start on 22 Jun (Sat) at 3.30pm and end the next day (Sun) at 3.30pm.
      For more information or to send your wishes, please email Teresa directly at teresaguttensohn@....
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      Veg Buddy Organiser Interviewed by I-S Magazine

      Ashley Chow, who spearheads the Veg Buddy programme was interviewed by the popular I-S magazine to find out more about the programme and what motivated her to initiate this project. To read the full interview, please visit http://is.asia-city.com/health/article/interview-ashley-chow-vegetarian-society-singapore
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      New Corporate Member – BGO ECOSHOP

      Strong advocates of sustainable living, we are pleased to announce that BGO ECOSHOP, an online store offering organic products so that the community can make positive choices in terms of their purchases, has joined the growing list of corporate members. In addition, they have decided to offer a 10% discount to all VSS members – to enjoy the discount just enter the code VSSMEMBER when making your purchase at http://bgoecoshop.com/.
      As a special promotion, all those who add BGO Ecoshop (https://www.facebook.com/bgo.ecoshop) as their friend on Facebook will receive a free package of raw stoneground nut & seed butter (6oz or 8oz) - just leave a message on their wall (offer is on a per member basis and while stocks last).
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      Green Singapore Sale 2013 Around The Corner

      VSS is proud to be a partner of The Green Singapore Sale 2013 that brings you one month of eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical shopping from 28 June to 28 July 2013!
      You can check out the green products and services in Singapore, and enjoy discounts and deals on non-toxic beauty cosmetics and cleaning products, organic and fair trade clothing and accessories, vegetarian and organic food and restaurants, energy saving lighting and devices, and more!
      On 29 and 30 June, there will also be The Green Singapore Sale 2013 Bazaar at Downtown East to showcase green products from 24 retailers.
      Don’t miss this chance to be a green conscious shopper, support local green businesses, and buy green products that benefit you, your family, the community, and the environment.
      Visit http://www.greensingaporesale.com/ to check out the latest discounts and deals!
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      Farm Tour to Firefly Organic Farm

      Bliss and Wisdom Society will be organising a farm tour to Firefly Organic Farm in Lim Chu Kang later this month and the excursion will include a presentation by the farm owner, a tour of the premises and shopping of fresh vegetables.
      Date: 23 Jun (Sunday)
      Time: 8.10 am - 1.30 pm
      Cost: $15 per adult and $10 for child below 6 years
      Pick up and drop off will be at Eunos MRT Station and the fee includes coach transport and vegan lunch (made using organic vegetables from the farm itself). For more information, please contact Ms Iris Sia Xiu Hua or Ms Koh Lee Yong at 65471580, or email cixin@....
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      A Test for You

      Many so-called "health foods" are highly processed so it's easy to mistake second rate foods for optimal choices. The Vegetarian Health Institute is offering a quick quiz to help you assess whether you’ve been misled into thinking certain foods are healthy when they are actually not that much so. In addition to getting the 10-question score via email, you will also get the e-book 14 Ways to Supercharge Your Health with Whole Foods (worth $19.97). To try out the test and get the book, please visit http://www.veghealth.com/healthyeatingquiz.php
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      Classes by Nutrihub Culinary Art

      Vinitha Ang of Nutrihub has scheduled another batch of classes this July as listed below. If you are keen, please contact Vinitha directly at 92368402 who has graciously offered special 10% discount for VSS members!


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      13 Jul, Sat - 2pm to 6.30pm
      Healthy Living - NutriBake - Vegan Baking Class



      27 Jul, Sat - 2pm to 5.30pm
      Healthy Living - NutriMeal - Japanese Vegan Cuisine class
      In addition, she will be conducting cooking classes in collaboration with external partners this June, and you may want to consider registering for those as well.



      19 Jun, Wed - 7pm to 9pm @ Chef Cookery Studio in Chinatown
      Raw Vegan Gourmet Cuisine: “No Bake” Mango Pudding Tart ,  Raw Spaghetti with Homemade Marinara sauce  &  NutriVegan Rojak  (demo only)
      For registration, please call Raymond at 62256608



      30 Jun, Sun - 3pm to 5pm @ Awareness Place in Waterloo Street
      Vegetarian Cooking Series: Homemade Fruit Enzyme, NutriVegan Rojak and Japanese Pumpkin Brown Rice (demo only)
      For registration, please call Cixin at 63365067



      For details and information on August classes, please visit the Nutrihub blog at http://www.nutrihub.blogspot.com/.
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      Classes by Little Green Cafe

      Chef Shalu offers her next set of classes for June and July.


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      18 Jun, 7-10pm: Time to De-tox!
      Part of the Eat Well series, this class is for those who want to get on track with healthy recipes that will cleanse the system from the inside out. Create delicious meals using ingredients that are low in fat, high in antioxidants and other nutrients.
      Menu: Green goddess soup, Japanese noodles with tofu, edamame and soy-ginger dressing, Quinoa and sweet potato cakes



      20 Jun, 11am-2pm: Thai cuisine
      Fusing the elements of several Southeast Asian cultures, Thai cooking is all about fresh flavours with strong aromatic ingredients and a good level of spice. Great emphasis is placed on detail and variety and Thai food is known for its balance of four fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, and spicy.
      Menu: Pomelo salad with coconut-tamarind dressing, Thai Green Curry (making the paste from scratch), Spicy tofu with holy basil



      22 Jun, 2-5pm: Sri Lankan cuisine
      If you haven't tried Sri Lankan food, take this opportunity to learn some spectacular homestyle dishes which are simple, flavourful and spicy curries with a twist.
      Menu: Eggplant moju (Sweet and sour eggplant in spicy tamarind sauce), Okra in coconut curry, Tempered mushrooms, Coconut sambol



      24 Jun, 2-5pm: Vietnamese cuisine
      Classic Vietnamese dishes with an emphasis on using the freshest herbs and vegetables. These dishes are light and tasty but full of flavour, perfect for our tropical climate.
      Menu: Fresh rice paper rolls w/mango & mint, spicy dipping sauce, Spicy tofu w/lemongrass & holy basil, Savoury crepe stuffed with tofu and crispy vegetables, fresh herbs



      26 Jun, 11am-2pm: Mastering Tofu
      Tofu is often overlooked as most people don’t know how to cook it in a flavourful way. Learn the basic techniques on using this highly versatile, protein-packed ingredient in a variety of cooking styles and discover some surprises about cooking with tofu. You will see the humble tofu in a new light!
      Menu: Tofu & herb cutlets with spicy tomato salsa, Crispy sweet & sour tofu Spicy scrambled tofu



      27 Jun, 7-10pm: Southeast Asian cuisine
      Make use of fresh local ingredients to make 3 different Southeast Asian dishes - Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, or any combination of these. Add some variety to your life!
      Menu: Sambal eggplant (Grilled eggplant in slow-cooked, spicy tomato sauce), Sayur lodeh (Indonesian coconut curry with garden vegetables & tofu), Mee goreng (Stir-fried noodles in a spicy sauce)



      01 Jul, 2-5pm: Indian cuisine
      Everybody loves Indian food but it’s often daunting to recreate at home because of the sheer number of spices involved. Learn the use of ingredients, spices and techniques, and eventually master the skills of cooking an authentic Indian meal from scratch.
      Menu: Vegetable butter masala (Garden vegetables in a fragrant creamy tomato sauce), Classic channa masala (Aromatic chick pea curry), Spiced potato cutlets w/coriander chutney



      03 Jul, 11am-2pm: 30-minute meals
      This class is designed for busy, working professionals who would like to enjoy a tasty, home-cooked and nutritious meal at the end of the day. Mouth-watering but simple to prepare, these meals will take you from chopping board to plate in 30 minutes or less.
      Menu: Easy vegetable paella, Quinoa with roasted vegetables and lentils, Flautas (pan-fried tortillas) w/roasted tomato salsa



      25 Jul, 2-5pm: Tasty Tapas
      Entertain in style by learning some tasty tapas. Mouth-watering but simple to prepare, these hors d’oeuvres will surely impress your guests and add some fun to pre-dinner cocktails!
      Menu: Spicy pea and corn fritters, Sesame sweet potato wedges w/curried peanut sauce, Spinach & potato croquettes w/roasted tomato salsa



      27 Jul, 2-5pm: Sri Lankan cuisine
      If you haven't tried Sri Lankan food, take this opportunity to learn some spectacular homestyle dishes. Simple, flavourful and spicy curries with a twist.
      Menu: Eggplant moju (Sweet and sour eggplant in spicy tamarind sauce), Okra in coconut curry, Tempered mushrooms, Coconut sambol



      All classes listed are priced at $75 and will be conducted at Upper East Coast Road. To register, please email shalu@.... Private classes can also be arranged on request - visit www.littlegreencafe.com.sg for more information.
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      Ordinary Vegan Blog – Worth the Read

      An enlightened vegan has started an informative and honest blog about her experiences and self-discovery. She says on her website, “Before I became vegan, I never thought about the impact my diet had on animals. I knew I had a strong visceral reaction to animals being killed, but somehow it didn’t translate to my plate of food. Now I believe if I am buying an animal product, I am participating in the killing of that animal. In the United States alone, 10 billion animals a year are being killed to put food on our plate. It has become such a big business that the majority of these animals are subjected to extreme discomfort and pain in the name of efficiency. They are also fed hormones that shouldn’t be consumed by human beings. Some product labels such as “organic”, “hormone-free” and “free-range” are misleading. While products with these labels are certainly more likely to come from animal-friendly farms, they are not guarantees. Products may be certified organic and still be obtained from factory farms with inhumane practices.”
      Do check out her blog at http://www.ordinaryvegan.net/ and be inspired!
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