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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 15 October 2011 In This Issue Editor’s Note VSS NEWS Tooth Health Talk – 5 Nov Too Busy to
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      15 October 2011
      In This Issue

      Editor’s Note

      VSS NEWS

      Tooth Health Talk – 5 Nov
      Too Busy to Participate – No Worries
      VSS Inbox

      Yam Cake Workshop
      Two Moving Videos on Plant Based Health
      How Close Are We to Test Tube Meat?
      Ami's Latest Class Schedule
      A Vegetarian from India Learns to Love SG
      Danny's Home
      Learn about Organic from The Veg School
      Shalu's Late Oct Classes

      Our series of NLB talks continues with a Mandarin language talk on dental health on 5 Nov at Ang Mo Kio Public Library.
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Tooth Health Talk – 5 Nov

      Our next Library talk looks at how what we put into our mouths affects our mouth's regular inhabitants, in particular, our teeth. This Mandarin talk features Dentist Sophie Lee Show Feai has practiced dentistry for more than 35 years and has been in private practice since 1980. She is currently a member of Singapore Dental Council. Dentist Sophie also volunteers her time at a free dental clinic. She does occasionally speak on-air with radio 100.3 FM to share dental knowledge. Furthermore, she has given dental public talks for organizations such as Kampung Senang and the Chua Clan Association.
      Location: Ang Mo Kio Public Library,
      Programme Zone, Level 1

      Date & Time: Sat, 5 Nov, 7pm–9pm
      Admission is free and registration is not required. Seats are on a first come first served basis.
      Here is the link from the NLB web:



      Too Busy to Participate – No Worries

      When someone's membership expires, VSS sends them an email like this:
      Just a gentle reminder that your VSS membership has expired on 20/8/2011. Renew today to enjoy Food Vouchers, discounts at restaurants and many other privileges.
      One person, a lecturer, replied as follows:
      Thank you for your email. Whilst I believe in vegetarianism and salute all the efforts made by the society, I am too busy at the moment to participate, so please remove me from your mailing list. I will sign up again when I have the time.
      VSS understands that people are busy, too busy to participate in the society's activities. That's where your membership fee comes in handy, as it funds our activities, such as the flyers we distribute, the exhibition panels and the salary of our Operations Coordinator, Mr Ganga Sudhan.
      Thus, by being a VSS member, you are still very much participating, as a funder. If you don't want to be bothered by annual renewal, become a Life member or, even better, join our GIRO scheme:


      VSS Inbox

      Photography at 30,000 Feet
      A reader Cc-ed us on a misunderstanding with a local SG airline. Apparently, the flight attendant thought that there were no more veg meals, and they attempted to ad lib. To show its apologies over the misunderstanding, the airline is offering the reader a voucher for future in flight purchases. Here is part of what the reader wrote to the airline:
      Can you explain why there was only 1 vegetable in the meal when there were supposed to be two (the other being dal or veg gravy)? Why was there no sticker AVML on the meal? Why the foil on the meal looked a little open at the edges? Why the rice smelt distinctly of a meat dish (as though meat gravy had been scooped out but not entirely)?
      The next time this happens I will be smart enough to photograph it and keep the meal with me so that I can take it to CASE / courts and pursue this further. I will also tell all my friends in the Vegetarian Society to do the same. It is better to do that than give up the "proof" and argue unnecessarily with you.



      Yam Cake Workshop

      Date: 22 Oct (Sat)
      Time: 2.30pm – 4.30pm
      Venue: Sustainable Living Kampung @ Bottle Tree Park (81, Lorong Chencharu)
      Yam Cake has long been a part of Chinese cuisine in many Asian countries. There are several variations to this popular savoury dish, as it can be made with different textures, ingredients and cooking techniques.
      If you'd like to try making a healthy vegetarian version of Yam Cake, come join our Kampung Chef – Lily, who will be most happy to show you, step-by-step, the methods of making this yummy dish.
      You can be sure that the Yam Cake that Chef Lily will be teaching is not just a dish to warm our stomachs, but it is also a dish that will warm the hearts of your families and friends when you make it for them… the homestyle way!
      The 2hr class includes a cooking demonstration and generous sampling of Yam Cake. Space is limited and reservations are required. By 20 Oct, email (peaceheping@...) to register and win a lucky draw at the end of the workshop! Ground Up Initiative members – $12nett; non-members – $20nett.


      Two Moving Videos on Plant Based Health

      Here are two short videos – each less than 5 minutes before the credits – on the benefits of plant based diets. The first is by a physician, Dr Michael Klaper, on why diet is more important that pills and procedures and why plant based diets are also important for ethical and environmental reasons.

      The second video is testimony from someone who had suffered for years from diabetes and high blood pressure. Standing next to her is Rip Esselstyn, the son of Caldwell and Ann Esselstyn who spoke in SG earlier this year. 'Wholefoods', mentioned in the video, is a U.S. chain of supermarkets that emphasises healthier foods, although they also sell animal based foods.



      How Close Are We to Test Tube Meat?

      The VSS eNewsletter has previously reported research into producing test tube meat. According to one article – http://www.scrippsnews.com/node/64439 – science fiction may become reality within a year: "[S]cientists in the U.S. and Europe are competing furiously to bring lab meat to market. Many predict it will be ready to sell in supermarkets and restaurants within six months to a year and vendors are lining up to buy it".
      Is this good news? Maybe. The same article quotes the New Yorker magazine as stating that, "The global livestock industry is responsible for nearly 20 percent of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions. Cattle consume nearly 10 percent of the world's freshwater resources, and 80 percent of all farmland is devoted to the production of meat. The consequences of eating meat, and our increasing reliance on factory farms, are almost as disturbing for human health".


      Ami's Latest Class Schedule

      Ami's Veggie Heart is featuring one more class for Oct and a full schedule of classes in the first half of Nov. The Oct class is on Fri, the 21st, 11am-1pm and features Vegetable Curry with Chick Peas, Vegetable Tabouleh, and Sweet Potato with Mint & Feta Patties.
      Here's the 1H Nov schedule.



      November 1st Tuesday, 11am-1pm
      • Kadhai Paneer
      • Paneer Tikka
      • Rice with Paneer and Vegetables



      November 8th Tuesday, 11am-1pm
      • Dahi Puri / Masala Puri
      • Potato Chaat / Vegetable Chaat
      • Potato Patties-Aloo Tikki



      November 15th Tuesday, 11am-1pm
      Curries and Rice:
      • Hydrabadi Biryani
      • Hot plate vegetable
      • Mushroom and Green Peas Curry


      Email ami@... or call 9144.6105 to register for any of the above sessions. Please sign up at least 3 days before to guarantee a seat. If there is demand for a specific menu, additional classes will be added on. Each class will be at $75/- which is payable on that day by cash. If you have a custom requirement for any specific item or menu or for weekend classes, please feel free to contact Ami at the above email or phone number to discuss.


      A Vegetarian from India Learns to Love SG

      Singapore has lots of veg food, but for a newcomer to the country, finding where to eat can be a challenge. To read about how a vegetarian from India has adjusted to the Little Red Dot, check out this blog:


      Danny's Home

      Danny Chu, who for years brought us authentic Shojin Ryori Zen veg food, is back in SG in Dec at GOTO Restaurant on 4th Dec and 11th Dec [lunch and dinner]. The details can be found in:


      Learn about Organic from The Veg School

      The Veg School 's first lesson, 'The Basics of Healthy Diet', attracted 35 participants who attended the full day workshop. This photo gallery provides snaps from the workshop: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set

      The Veg School will be holding their next lesson, 'Organic Living', on 5 Nov (Sat) at the National Library. At the full day workshop, the founder and guest speakers will be sharing the following topics: identifying organic food; reducing the cost of buying organic; understanding B12 issues and mineral deficiency issues due to non-organic farming; analysing GMO threats; cooking yummy organic food (hands-on!); getting started organic living the easy way.
      Details: http://thevegschool.net/courses-schedule


      Shalu's Late Oct Classes

      More cooking classes by Shalu Asnani, if you haven't tried one yet, don't miss this chance.



      16 Oct, 6-9pm: Indian Vegetarian @ Palate Sensations
      A hands-on experience in learning how to make an authentic 3-course homestyle Indian meal from scratch. Great opportunity for those who love Indian food and want to re-create a healthier version at home!
      Recipes: Pan-fried potato cutlets, Spicy coriander / mint chutney, Classic channa masala, Saag aloo (Creamy spinach with potatoes)



      20 Oct, 10am-1pm: Asian Tapas @ Expat Kitchen
      Are you stuck for ideas on what to serve at your next dinner party? Here's your chance to learn some tasty tapas, Asian-style!
      Recipes: Tofu satays with peanut sauce, Chickpea & potato cutlets, Fried spring rolls, Vegetable pakoras, Tandoori-mushroom canapes



      23 Oct, 6-9pm: Southeast Asian Vegetarian @ Palate Sensations
      Using fresh local ingredients, learn 3 different styles of Southeast Asian cooking – Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, or a combination of these. Add some variety to your life!
      Recipes: Pomelo salad with coconut dressing, Sambal (Spicy) Eggplant, Sayur Lodeh (Mixed vegetable curry)



      26 Oct, 7-10pm: Cooking with Tofu @ Palate Sensations
      Challenge yourself in this special class and discover some surprises about cooking with tofu. You will learn how to use this highly versatile, protein-packed ingredient in a variety of cooking styles and will see the humble tofu in a new light!
      Recipes: Tofu cakes with spicy tomato salsa, Spicy tofu with lemongrass, Spicy scrambled tofu.


      Palate Sensations is located at Buona Vista and Expat Kitchen is located at Little India. Email Shalu at shalua@... for more info on venue, recipes, pricing etc or if you wish to arrange a private class.



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