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VSS eNewsletter 15 August 2011

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 15 August 2011 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS NEWS Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious? Make Your
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      15 August 2011
      In This Issue

      Editor’s Note

      VSS NEWS

      Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious?
      Make Your Own Green Smoothies
      Many Volunteer Opportunities
      Concert for the Dolphins
      VSS Student Members Meet Up!
      New Corporate Member
      VSS Inbox – Weird Dream

      New Outlets
      Rawganiks' Organic & Vegan Chocolate Making Class
      Raw Vegan Blender Workshop & Talk
      Talk on the Pangolin Trade
      Shalu Showcases More Classes
      Healthfriend Workshops at WINGS
      Smoochie Poochie Tea Party
      September Classes from NutriHub

      Learn about veg nutrition from Dr Priya at her
      VSS NLB talk, "Is a vegetarian diet nutritious" on 10 Sep, and learn
      the how of green smoothies from Adeline at the VSS smoothie event on 28 Aug.
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious?

      The next VSS Library talk takes place at Bukit Merah Library on Sat, 10 Sep, 2–3.30pm. We have a very popular speaker, Dr Priyadarshani Kamat, who has done many talks on the benefits of veg diets. Dr Priya's NLB talk is free and open to the public. We would like to thank NLB for allowing us to hold talks at their libraries. Here are details.
      Is a Vegetarian Diet Really Nutritious? (English Talk)
      Dr. Priyadarshani Kamat
      10 Sep (Sat), Bukit Merah Public Library,
      Radin Mas Hall, Level 3: 2–3.30pm



      Make Your Own Green Smoothies

      Fruit smoothies have been around for a while, but what are also becoming popular are green smoothies, smoothies which also include veggies. To teach us how to make our own green smoothies, VSS has invited Adeline Tan, the entrepreneur behind LINS Smoodees.
      Adeline will be sharing some of her smoothie secrets on Sun, 28 Aug, from 11am–12.30pm, at the Bayshore Park condo's function room. Cost is $15 for VSS members and $20 for non–members.
      Details at http://www.vegetarian–society.org/node/1579. Give your family a treat by learning to make green smoothies for them!


      Many Volunteer Opportunities

      VSS has many ways to bring our message out to the public, including a variety of informative, persuasive flyers and eye catching posters. Sometimes, we are invited to take part in public exhibitions and other events, where we can distribute our flyers and display our posters.
      Volunteers are needed to staff the VSS presence at these events. You don't need to be an expert to talk to the public. It's fine to say, "That's a very important question. Sorry, I'm not sure of the answer. Let me get back to you, please".
      If you might have some time to volunteer for such public outreach, please contact VSS at info@.... You can make a difference in someone else's life! If you're not there, they might not have anyone to introduce them to meat reduction.


      Concert for the Dolphins

      ACRES is organising a concert for the dolphins at Hong Lim Park on Sun, 28 Aug from 4:30–7pm, featuring the music artistes who support this campaign. VSS will have a booth. The main aim for th concert is to gather as many people as possible together to show Resorts World just how many of us want them to make the ethical decision to let the dolphins go. The more of us together, the bigger the voice and the stronger the pressure.


      VSS Student Members Meet Up!

      The following report was contributed by VSS intern Natalie Teo, who is an NTU student. The VSS student membership scheme offers free membership to full time students below 24 years of age:

      Good food, a great host and a chance to make new friends – the setting was complete on the evening of 22 Jul when VSS held our first ever meet up for students. Coming from all walks of life, we students enjoyed the burgers from vegan joint Veganburg as we chatted and shared experiences about their vegetarian journey.
      We were later joined by Veganburg owner Alex Tan, who very kindly gave us discount coupons and shared a little more about his work with Veganburg and other social causes.
      I think the highlight of the evening was when we started to share more about why we turned vegetarian and the hurdles we face continuing on a veg path. Some of us were led to be veg by family reasons or religion, while most of us opted to go vegetarian for ethical reasons.
      Listening to every single one of my fellow students trade stories about gory images and footage of animal cruelty made me feel that yes, I was not alone. What surprised me, though, was that very few of us actually opted to be vegetarian for health reasons. I guess it seems that it's not just the average meat–eater who takes their youth for granted. We vegetarians are not very much different either!
      Among us also were meat reducers whom we warmly welcomed. These were students who, for a variety of reasons, such as family objections, could not go completely vegetarian but were working on it. Their stance was similar – that meat consumption was ultimately bad for the environment and for animal welfare.
      And then we moved on to the predictably Singaporean pastime – Complaining. The general consensus among us all was that our meat eating friends thought we were crazy. We also talked about the difficulties in getting our family, especially the older generation, to understand that we would not be malnourished if we did not consume animal foods.
      We then adjourned to the conference room to watch some educational videos on going vegetarian. Knowing that there was so much more to being vegetarian than just the variety of issues already explored in the media, really opened my eyes up to this lifestyle that I've chosen to adopt.
      So we all left after, promising to add each other on Facebook (see I told you we were no different from normal young people!) and keep in touch.
      Until next time, my newfound friends!


      New Corporate Member

      VSS has a corporate member scheme – http://www.vegetarian–society.org/
      – and the logos of all our corporate members appear on our Corporate Member page – http://www.vegetarian–society.org/

      Our latest corporate member is Shao Tong Chuan – http://eshop.shaotongchuan.com – a provider of frozen and dried veg foods. Check out their website to learn more about the wide variety of products they offer.


      VSS Inbox – Weird Dream

      This email was sent to VSS by Dave Goh, a student at Singapore Management University .
      Thought I would like to share with you something – a few days ago I had this dream… very vivid… I was in a slaughterhouse with a friend who, along with many other people, was there to buy meat. Dead carcasses filled the place. In the midst of all that death, I saw a small, young animal, chained and still alive. As I was getting ready to leave, the young animal suddenly appeared, ran towards me and repeatedly nudged my left knee. It nudged my knee, at the same time shivering profusely, for more than 5 minutes. I stood there dumbfounded.
      Nothing can really describe what I felt. It was an immense sadness. One so chilling that I will not forget. When I awoke, tears were in my eyes, and just thinking about the scene brought more tears. What struck me with sadness was that it chose me amongst all the people there (running straight at me) and its incessant shiver. In the dream, I vowed to save the animal, no matter how much it cost to buy its freedom.



      New Outlets

      Here's news of two veg food outlets that have recently opened.
      The Blessing Store is a veg organic shop at 10 Seng Kang Square, #01–68, S. 544829, behind Compass Point Shopping Centre, 9767.3071, blessing_store@...,

      Herbivore is a restaurant at, 190 Middle Road, 01-13/14 Fortune Centre, S. 188979, 6333.1612. Read a review at http://www.hungryangmo.com/2011/08/herbivore-



      Rawganiks' Organic & Vegan Chocolate Making Class

      Learn to make healthy, 100% vegan, organic chocolates in this hands-on class hosted at Zenxin Organic.
      Price includes:
      -Demo, recipe booklet, Silikomart chocolate mould, chocolate tasting and take home bag.
      -Drink refreshments provided throughout the class of organic herbal teas and organic cacao chocolate drinks.
      Chef: Caroline Traub, Owner of Rawganiks Pte Ltd
      Date: 3 Sep (Sat)
      Timing: 2-4:30pm
      Venue: Zenxin Organic, Blk 14 Pasir Panjang Road, #01-25 Wholesales Centre
      Reservation: Contact Ceri Wolf at 96334524, ceri@..., http://www.zenxin.com.my/2009


      Raw Vegan Blender Workshop & Talk

      Learn the why and the how of raw food, including 8 recipes using cacao, gogi berries, wheat grass, lots of organic fruits and vegetables.
      When: Sat, 20 Aug, 3-6pm, including Q&A
      Where: Kali Majapahit Singapore . 43 Carpenter St., #01-01 (near Clarke Quay MRT)
      Info: 9811.0971, hiu.lila@..., www.kali-majapahit.com


      Talk on the Pangolin Trade

      Pangolins, also known as spiny anteaters, have been hunted and consumed throughout Asia historically. In recent decades, however, there has been a shift from local utilisation to large scale commercial harvesting which is attributed to demand from East and Southeast Asian countries where pangolin meat is consumed and their scales used in traditional medicines. Despite national and international protection an illicit trade in Asian pangolins continues to persist and it is this that is threatening the very existence of the species. This talk comprises an introduction to the trade in Asian pangolins followed by a report of recent efforts to understand the dynamics of trade, in particular in Peninsular Malaysia, so that efforts to mitigate such activity can be informed and improved.
      Venue: The Function Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens
      Date: Mon, 29 Aug
      Time: 4 to 5pm
      Admission: free
      Contact: http://www.nss.org.sg, contact@..., 6741.2036


      Shalu Showcases More Classes



      Sensational Soups – Salads @ Expat Kitchen
      Mon, 22 Aug, 10am–1pm
      Chilled pea & cucumber soup, Beetroot carpaccio w/orange bits, Moroccan–spiced carrot soup, Spinach & haloumi salad, Mango & avocado salad



      Modern Vegetarian @ Palate Sensations
      Mon, 22 Aug, 7–10pm
      Moroccan–spiced carrot soup, Pumpkin & feta parcels, Spinach, tomato & haloumi salad



      Southeast Asian Veg @ Expat Kitchen
      Mon, 29 Aug, 10am-1pm
      Fresh ricepaper rolls w/spicy dipping sauce, Sambal eggplant, Mee goreng, Spicy tofu w/lemongrass



      Vegan cooking @ Palate Sensations
      Mon, 29 Aug, 7-10pm
      No-cream of mushroom soup, Vietnamese crepe, Spicy scrambled tofu


      For more details, please email Shalu Asnani at shalua@...


      Healthfriend Workshops at WINGS

      Healthfriend – http://www.healthfriend.com.sg – is doing two workshops for WINGS (Women's Initiative for Aging Successfully) – www.wings.sg – located at 9 Bishan Place (Junction 8 office tower), #06–05, S. 579837, 6250.1012, info@...
      The first workshop is Wed, 17 Aug, 2pm, on the Wonders of Whole Foods, and features Rejuvenating Apple, Carrot, Celery & Beetroot Juice, Mixed Vegetable Quinoa Salad, Refreshing Avocado Salsa Mole, Anytime Energizing Bars. The second workshop takes place Wed, 31 Aug, 2pm and is titled Nutrition for Weight Loss, and features Low Cal Breakfast, Smoothie, Mango and Black Bean Salsa, Lentil and Tofu Mini Burgers and Wild Rice with Grilled Veggies.
      Animal Lovers League is returning once again with a fund–raising event! This time, the proceeds will go towards our 2011 Vaccination Fund.


      Smoochie Poochie Tea Party

      Sat, 27 Aug, 11am–3pm, Animal Lovers League – http://www.animalloversleague.com – will be hosting the Smoochie Poochie Tea Party at Doggiestyle Cafe @ NEX mall. The party will have two sessions – brunch and lunch – to accommodate everyone! Each session will have 50 humans and 25 doggy friends. Proceeds go to Animal Lovers League vaccination fund.
      There will be yoga and massage demonstrations for you and your dog, goodie bags courtesy of Doggiestyle Cafe and The Waterdish as well as mini-games in the outdoor dog run! Book your tickets now by emailing petsvillashop@....


      September Classes from NutriHub

      Here's the list of NutriHub's – www.nutrihub.blogspot.com – classes for September. For more info and to register, sms your name, contact no. & email address to Vinitha @ 92368402 or contact her directly. Remember, pls, that NutriHub is in a new location at 46 Temple St , in Chinatown .


      Raw Like Cooked – Series II
      Sat, 3 Sep, 3–5.30pm
      NutriVegan Rojak, Cashew Nut Parmesan Cheese, Crispbread without Flour, Asian Pizza Delight



      NutriMeal Cooking – Series III
      Sat, 3 Sep, 3–5.30pm
      Brown Rice Lor Mai Kai, NutriVegan Floss, Cucumber Enzyme Salad, Black Sesame Walnut Pudding



      Raw Like Cooked – Series III
      Sat, 17 Sep, 3–5.30pm
      Raw Nut Milk, Tofu Chips, NutriVegan Popiah, Fruity Nutty Ice Cream



      Nutrition Assessment & Vitality Cooking
      Sat, 24 Sep, 3–5.30pm
      Swiss Museli, The Green Surprise, Nutty Fruity Tart, Tricolor Zucchini Pasta






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