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VSS eNewsletter 15 December 2010

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 15 December 2010 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS NEWS VSS Food Guide as iTunes App Heal the Earth at
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      15 December 2010
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      VSS Food Guide as iTunes App
      Heal the Earth at Padang – 18 Dec
      VSS Talk at Toa Payoh South CC
      Southern Ridges Trail Hike – 19 Dec
      Volunteers Needed for VCD Packing
      Summaries of VSS Library Talks

      Guided Veg Shopping in Little India
      Cooking Class by Ananda Marga
      VegeHub.org: A New Place for Veg Info
      Switch: When Change Is Hard
      Half of China’s Antibiotics Fed to Animals
      Male Chickens at Hatcheries
      Veg Lunch Boxes and Home Delivery
      Reduce Meat To Lose Weight
      Holiday Baked Goods
      Benefit Dinner for Street Animals
      ‘We Will Rock You’ for the Animals
      A Xmas Cartoon, in Honour of Dickens
      Veg Stall at MBS
      And a Veg Restaurant in Joo Chiat
      Human Decapitated at Chicken Factory

      Queen lead guitarist, Brian - We Will Rock You - May, tells us why he has to speak for the animals.
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Visit us at www.vss.sg

      VSS members enjoy discounts at these fine restaurants and establishments.


      VSS Food Guide as iTunes App

      Planning to make a New Year resolution to eat at a greater variety of veg restaurants? You need the VSS Food Guide app has been approved by Apple and is available for download on iTunes at http://j.mp/cZnXk2 We’d like to thank MobyFab, the company that developed the app: http://mobyfab.com. 50% of the net sales proceeds will go to VSS.


      Heal the Earth at Padang – 18 Dec

      Come to this celebration of everything green on Sat, 18 Dec, from 9am till evening, at the Padang . Lots of exhibitions, games, music and, what every green event must have: lots of veg food: www.healtheearth.com.sg
      VSS will be there to support Veggie Thursday:


      VSS Talk at Toa Payoh South CC -19 Dec

      On Sun, 19 Dec, 1-3.30pm, VSS representative Mayura Mohta will be doing a Nutrition Solutions talk and demo titled, ‘Foods to Combat Stress, Fatigue and Moods’. The venue is Toa Payoh South Community Club, Level 2 Theatrette, 1999 Lorong 8, S. 319258. Admission is $2. For info: siaoyan@...
      Mayura has a strong background in biochemistry and has presented for companies and community organisations, such as BP and Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations. She will be providing recipes for the smoothies she demonstrates and you taste.


      Southern Ridges Trail Hike – 19 Dec

      The Southern Ridges is one of Singapore ’s newest and most innovative hiking trails. VSS has been there before to rave reviews; so, we decided to go back again on Sun, 19 Dec.
      An unlimited number of people can participate in the hike, which is free, but if you wish to purchase lunch, you need to email us at least 24 hours in advance and to pay cash at the beginning of the hike at 9am.
      More details here. Look forward to seeing you at the hike!


      Volunteers Needed for VCD Packing

      VSS has distributed more than 100,000 of our video compilation Seeds of a Better World, which includes the video Meet Your Meat. To reduce costs, we pack the CD into the sleeve ourselves. On Sun, 19 Dec, 1pm to 7pm, about 20 volunteers are needed to pack another 6000 VCDs.
      Venue will be 10 mins walk from Bishan MRT. Exact address will be sent after you register to help at wenjin@.... Volunteers will be served a free vegan dinner at about 6pm.


      Summaries of VSS Library Talk

      Earlier this month, VSS conducted two talks at libraries. As a service to those who were unable to attend, here some points of one of the talks.
      1. Date: 8 December 2010
      Title: Business Opportunities via Diet Change in the Age of Climate Change
      Speaker: Professor Harvey Neo, Geography Dept, NUS
      Time: 7pm-8.30pm
      Diet change can be complete or partial. Business opportunities exist to serve both vegetarians and meat reducers.
      Earlier this year, a study was published which attempted to estimate the global number of vegetarians in the world:
      http://ideas.repec.org/p/esr/wpaper/wp340.html Unfortunately, the study’s methodology was seriously flawed.
      MOE Taiwan has declared one day a week as a Meatfree day in all the public primary and secondary schools.
      Prof Neo predicts that the number of vegetarians will increase, although global meat consumption will also increase.
      In a course on environmental sustainability that Prof taught last term, on the first day of class, he asked the 144 students to join him in going meatless every Tues (the day the class met). On the last day of the class, he asked how many had been faithful to their pledge. The answer was zero! BTW, Harvey is a meat reducer, not a vegetarian.
      A key trend worldwide is the growing number of people who are meat reducers, influenced in part by campaigns such as Singapore ’s Veggie Thursday.
      Another trend may be a growing number of non-veg restaurants with substantial veg menus. These restaurants have an unfair advantage over restaurants that are 100% veg. Veg restaurants need to have especially tasty food to attract more customers. However, veg restaurants have the advantage that vegetarians feel more confident eating there.
      2. Date: 5 December 2010
      Title: Getting Started with Vegetarianism
      Speaker: Douglas Teo, TCM practitioner
      Time: 2pm-3.30pm
      Basically the talk was about starting a vegetarian diet by eating multi-grains and nuts to give our body enough calories to be functional without animal flesh.
      Knowing the reasons why we started this diet will motivate us to stay on this route more successfully. We should go slowly and be patient with ourselves. Also, we need to seek support from among friends and family.
      Starting a vegetarian diet is a wonderful experience. It gives us chances to explore new cuisines.
      Here are two questions from the Q&A session:
      How do vegetarians get protein? Answer: It is easy for a balanced vegetarian diet to meet the recommendations for protein. Nearly all vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds contain some, and often much, protein. Example are quinoa, oatmeal, tofu, tempeh, lentils, black beans and kidney beans.
      What if I feel cold and easily feel hungry when I go vegetarian? Answer: Getting hungry easily may be is a sign of not having enough carbohydrate in our diet. One can take whole grain foods instead of heavily processed foods, such as while rice. Try grains such as millet, wild grains, quinoa and buckwheat. Eating more nuts and seeds can be helpful, too. As for feeling cold, one may temporarily take less raw foods and add spices such as ginger, cayenne pepper, fennel and clove.



      Guided Veg Shopping in Little India

      Chef Oh Chong Fah is offering a unique 3hr programme to help people better understand the many marvellous possibilities of Indian vegetarian food. The programme includes:
      Shopping at Mustafa Shopping Centre
      Understanding herbs and spices for cooking
      Learning how to buy healthy ingredients at good price
      Learning some Indian veg recipes
      Lunching together for more discussion on Indian food at an Indian vegetarian restaurant.
      Group size: 10 max
      Fee: $15 (exclusive of lunch expenses)
      Date & Time: 26 Dec 2010 , 10am-1pm OR 2 Jan 2011, 10am-1pm
      Details: www.wholesomeliving-sg.com/schedules.html


      Cooking Class by Ananda Marga

      It’s back again! By popular demand, another Ananda Marga vegetarian cooking class by Bhearavii.
      The menu includes:
      Ondeh Ondeh, Carob Cake & Fried Tulip Balls (recipes will be provided)
      When: Sat, 18 Dec, 2–5pm
      Where: 41 Norma Terrace @ Opera Estate (near Bedok MRT)
      How much: $55 per pax
      How: call 6344 6519 to register!
      Website: www.anandamarga.org.sg


      VegeHub.org: A New Place for Veg Info

      Vegehub is a project that showcases the commitment of Singapore 's vegetarian community to
      a healthier nation,
      cleaner air,
      greener environment,
      more loving society and
      more sustainable agriculture.

      When you visit www.vegehub.org, you will see the robust vegetarian blogosphere in Singapore , established resources for vegetarian education, a wide array of vegetarian services, and vibrant pro-vegetarian businesses and events.
      It's a one-stop vegetarian online hub for vegetarians to become more cohesive via facilitated communication and mutual support of vegetarian services.
      It's also a convenient reference point for non-vegetarians to get comfy with the vegetarian world by knowing real vegetarian people through their blogs/services and educational materials.


      Switch: When Change Is Hard

      A new book useful for people seeking to improve their activism is Switch, by Chip and Dan Heath. The book is not specifically about veg activism, but the points are relevant. Here’s a summary:


      Half of China’s Antibiotics Fed to Animals

      Nearly half of the antibiotics produced in China are being fed to livestock rather than used to fight illness in people, experts say. This reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotics.
      "Attention should be paid to the problem of antibiotic intake via daily food consumption because that will increase the possibility for drug-resistant bacteria to develop in human bodies," said Huang Liuyu, director of the Institute for Disease Prevention and Control of the People's Liberation Army.
      For example, a 650-gram premature infant born in Guangzhou developed resistance to seven kinds of antibiotics, which was suspected to be due to his mother's daily intake of meat and eggs that contained remnants of antibiotics, the People's Daily report said. …
      "For China, it's not practical to ban the use of antibiotics in the breeding industry now as animals are facing serious threats of diseases due to limited sanitary conditions. But more research on substitutes for antibiotics in the breeding industry is under way now," she said.
      Read the entire article at:



      Male Chickens at Hatcheries

      Male chicks aren’t of any use at hatcheries. So, what happens to them? Vegetarian organisation Viva! released an undercover investigation on 'unwanted' male chicks from two UK egg hatcheries. Due to vast intensification of egg laying hens, males are perceived in the food industry as a waste product....
      GB: Ban on beak trimming postponed until 2016


      Veg Lunch Boxes and Home Delivery

      Soon Long Sin provides veg lunch boxes, catering and home delivery. Asian and Western dishes available:


      Reduce Meat To Lose Weight

      Here’s a summary of a recently published study. In addition to the abstract below, it is worth quoting the concluding paragraph of the discussion section in full, as follows:
      "In conclusion, our results indicate that meat intake is positively associated with weight gain during adult life in European subjects. The association persisted after adjustment for total energy intake and underlying dietary patterns. Our results are therefore in favor of the public health recommendation to decrease meat consumption for health improvement."
      Am J Clin Nutr. 2010 Aug;92(2):398-407.
      Meat consumption and prospective weight change in participants of the EPIC-PANACEA study.
      Vergnaud AC, Norat T, Romaguera D, Mouw T, May AM, Travier N, et al.
      BACKGROUND: Meat intake may be related to weight gain because of its high energy and fat content. Some observational studies have shown that meat consumption is positively associated with weight gain, but intervention studies have shown mixed results.
      OBJECTIVE: Our objective was to assess the association between consumption of total meat, red meat, poultry, and processed meat and weight gain after 5 y of follow-up, on average, in the large European population who participated in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Physical Activity, Nutrition, Alcohol, Cessation of Smoking, Eating Out of Home and Obesity (EPIC-PANACEA) project.
      DESIGN: A total of 103,455 men and 270,348 women aged 25-70 y were recruited between 1992 and 2000 in 10 European countries. Diet was assessed at baseline with the use of country-specific validated questionnaires. A dietary calibration study was conducted in a representative subsample of the cohort. Weight and height were measured at baseline and self-reported at follow-up in most centers. Associations between energy from meat (kcal/d) and annual weight change (g/y) were assessed with the use of linear mixed models, controlled for age, sex, total energy intake, physical activity, dietary patterns, and other potential confounders.
      RESULTS: Total meat consumption was positively associated with weight gain in men and women, in normal-weight and overweight subjects, and in smokers and nonsmokers. With adjustment for estimated energy intake, an increase in meat intake of 250 g/d (eg, one steak at approximately 450 kcal) would lead to a 2-kg higher weight gain after 5 y (95% CI: 1.5, 2.7 kg). Positive associations were observed for red meat, poultry, and processed meat.
      CONCLUSION: Our results suggest that a decrease in meat consumption may improve weight management.


      Holiday Baked Goods

      This is one of those times of year when people tend to indulge their sweet tooth and purchase or bake cookies, cakes and other baked goodies. Fortunately, some eateries cater to vegetarians with eggless and/or vegan items. For instance, eggless and vegan brownies as well as eggless fruitcakes (vegan can be arranged) are available packaged in Xmas gift boxes at The Brownie Factory, 1 Raffles Place B1-01B, OUB Centre, S, 048616, 9180.9501.


      Benefit Dinner for Street Animals

      Zeus Communications is organizing a dinner event at The Keppel Club on Sat, 18 Dec, and tickets cost $100 per person, inclusive of an 8 course Chinese sit-down dinner.
      Vernon Cornelius will be performing with Riem de Wolff of The Blue Diamonds, all for the benefit of street animals - sterilization, provision of medical aid to injured strays, as well as food to industrial dogs / cats.
      Info at: http://zeuscommunications.blogspot.com/



      ‘We Will Rock You’ for the Animals

      Many people know that the lead guitarist of the classic rock band Queen, Brian May, went on to earn a doctorate in astrophysics. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/

      Fewer people know that May is also an advocate for animal welfare. You can feel the same passion he put into his music as you read this piece he wrote for a UK newspaper.



      A Xmas Cartoon, in Honour of Dickens

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