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VSS eNewsletter 1 November 2010

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  • Vegetarian Society (Singapore)
    Vegetarian Society (Singapore) 1 November 2010 In This Issue Editor s Note VSS
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      VSS eNewsletter


      Vegetarian Society (Singapore)

      1 November 2010
      In This Issue

      Editor's Note

      VSS NEWS

      Vegan Cheese, Pasta and More with Kirti - Sat 13 Nov
      VSS Talk – Steps in Becoming Veg
      A Diwali Invitation to All VSS Members
      VSS Responds to WWF Living Planet Report 2010
      VSS To Take Part in Holistic Wellness Symposium

      Kampung Senang’s Detox, Wellness & Culinary Events
      Vegan Cooking Lessons at Robinsons
      Green Smoothies at Loewen Gardens Farmers’ Market
      Vegetarian Candles
      New Veg Outlet Near Bishan MRT
      Multispecies Education
      Sold Out in Jakarta: The Book ‘Eating Animals’
      Recipes on Prof Campbell’s Website
      Biggest Loser Coach Goes Vegan
      A Must Read on Fish
      Arguments Against Being Veg

      Would like to go vegan but just can't give up dairy? Let culinary consultant, Kirti, show you how to prepare vegan cheese that some say is even better than the real thing!
      Dr George M Jacobs

      If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line here.
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      Vegan Cheese, Pasta and More with Kirti - Sat 13 Nov

      Venue: Derbyshire Road
      Date & time: Sat 13th Nov, 2pm to 5pm
      Fee: $40 (VSS members)
      $50 (non members)
      Limited to 20 persons

      Kirti, a long-time culinary consultant from Mumbai, has been teaching Indian cooking for over a decade. She was inspired by her vegan daughter, Ratika, to create delicious, compassionate recipes that taste just as good (or even better) than their dairy-laden counterparts!
      The mother-daughter team invented a homemade creamy cashew cheese that smells and tastes absolutely gorgeous, especially on Kirti's famous baked dishes which she will demonstrate at this mouth-watering workshop.
      More details here.


      VSS Talk – Steps in Becoming Veg

      VSS had a talk earlier this year at Tampines Regional Library by Dr Sanjay Doshi. The Library staff found it to be quite successful and invited VSS to do another talk. This one, on Sun, 5 Dec, 2pm-3.30pm, at the library’s Changi-Simei Room, will be presented by VSS Exco member Mr Douglas Teo, a TCM physician.
      The title of Douglas ’ talk is Steps in Becoming Vegetarian. The talk will be in Mandarin.


      A Diwali Invitation to All VSS Members

      Every year for Divali, the Shri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple , 19 Ceylon Road , hosts a Divali celebration featuring hundreds (no exaggeration) of unique veg dishes. This year, the date is Sat, 6 Nov, 10am-12noon. All VSS members, regardless of religion, are cordially invited. Info: 9644.6475.
      Bring along a friend who says that all veg food is the same. The above photo is from a similar celebration in London .


      VSS Responds to WWF Living Planet Report 2010

      After another scientific report showed meat to be an inefficient way to get our food and that this inefficiency wreaks havoc on our environment, a VSS Exco member published a letter on the topic in TODAY newspaper.
      Here’s the WWF report (in particular, see p. 87): http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/

      Here’s an article in TODAY based on the report:

      And, here’s the VSS member’s letter
      I refer to “One Singapore resident's ecological footprint equals that of 33 Africans” (Oct 14). We could significantly reduce Singapore ’s ecological footprint by reducing our meat consumption. To put it simply, eating meat is wasting food; we have to feed many kgs of plant food to the pigs, chickens and cows to yield just 1 kg of meat. As the WWF report states on p. 87, “Conversion of vegetable-based calories to animal-based calories is inefficient”.
      Fortunately, many people are already reducing meat consumption for health reasons, and others are cutting back on meat to show concern for the animals who live cruel, very brief lives as part of the meat industry. WWF’s expose of the environmental consequences of meat consumption is indeed timely. Add that to the UN’s paper, ‘Livestock’s Long Shadow’, which claims that 18% of human produced global warming gasses are linked to livestock, and we have further confirmation that eating less meat is the green thing to do. Readers may wish to join with 25 local NGOs, including many in the environment sector, who have endorsed the Veggie Thursday project: www.veggiethursday.sg, which encourages people to go veggie every Thursday or any other day that fits their schedules.



      VSS To Take Part in Holistic Wellness Symposium

      The Holistic Wellness Symposium 2010 is proudly brought to you by Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation, Eco Harmony Global Network Limited, and jointly supported by Alltrust International Pte Ltd, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Vegetarian Society (Singapore), International Nature Lover Association, and Nature’s Children.
      On Sun, 21 Nov, 2-9pm, join us at Singapost Auditorium (L5, SingPost Bldg, near Paya Lebar MRT) as VSS Education and Outreach Officer, Mr Loh Yeow Nguan, joins international experts to share practices of holistic solutions to treat modern-day diseases and protect the environment. Over six overseas holistic medical specialists and seven local experts will gather at this dual-language symposium to share their medical knowledge with the public.
      For more information:
      http://www.eco-harmony.net/HWS2010/index.htm or 6749.8509.



      Kampung Senang’s Detox, Wellness & Culinary Events

      Our friends at Kampung Senang cordially invite you to attend a detox retreat
      and holistic wellness workshops

      . For further information: www.kg-senang.org.sg or 6749.8509 6785.2568.

      Plus, on Fri, 5 Nov, 9:30am~5:30pm, Kampung Senang will be hosting a ONE-DAY Express Organic Culinary Workshop to be taught be Chef Oh Chong Fah. Learn a complete wholesome diet for people who take responsibility for their health. This workshop includes materials, hands on session and food appreciation.


      Vegan Cooking Lessons at Robinsons

      Halimah Arivalaki Ilavarasi is a person of many talents: an editor at VegVibe magazine, a geography teacher, a speaker on veg topics and a blogger on veg cooking, just to mention a few.
      Now, Halimah is taking veg to a place it’s never been before: to Robinsons in the heart of Orchard Road . Specifically, she is doing a cookery class on the 5th floor of Robinson Department store next to where they keep their household items and cutlery. It's called the Robinson-Wiltshire baking studio.
      This is unlike most cooking classes. Most classes are demo classes where participants observe the chef preparing food. Here, they get to do it hands-on; that means they bake and decorate their own cakes, cook their own meals and they get to bring all of it back home as well. On top of that, there will be a goodie bag given to all participants. Light refreshments will be served.
      13 Nov, Sat 2–5 pm
      Delightful Desserts
      Rich Mocha Cake with Espresso Cream Frosting, Double Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache, Moist Banana Cake with Caramel Frosting
      21 Nov, Sun 10am – 1pm
      Easy Western Meals
      Black Bean Burger, Chickpea Cutlets, Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli
      27 Nov, Sat 2–5 pm
      Roasted Vegetables Angel Hair Pasta, Black Pepper Pasta, Basil-Cilantro Pesto with Roasted Garlic Pasta
      To register:


      Green Smoothies at Loewen Gardens Farmers’ Market

      Adeline Tan is a young entrepreneur who has been helping to promote Veggie Thursday (see above photo of Adeline at the VT booth at the 10 10 10 event).
      Adeline’s new company, LINS' Smoodees, specializes in green smoothies, a surprisingly tasty way for people to get their greens. You can try her green creations at Loewen Gardens Farmers’ Market, 75E Loewen Road (near Dempsey Rd ), on Sat, 6 Nov, 8.30am-2pm. To learn more: http://www.facebook.com/linssmoodees


      Vegetarian Candles

      Gowri is a local teacher and vegetarian who brings in eco-friendly and vegetarian candles. There is even one collection that won a UNESCO award (a banana leaf inspired design with green tea scent). Candles are made with high quality and gentle ingredients with love and care for the environment. To learn more about the health and earth-friendly candle gifts without hazardous effects of paraffin and other harmful chemicals, log on to:


      New Veg Outlet Near Bishan MRT

      With Bishan now an MRT interchange station, it’s especially good news that there is now a veg stall about the nearby bus interchange. Details at


      Multispecies Education

      Our friends at ACRES – www.acres.org.sg – do Humane Education programmes in schools, educating the children about the situation of our voiceless fellow animals. Fortunately, more such programmes are appearing internationally. Here’s one from Indonesia:



      Sold Out in Jakarta : The Book ‘Eating Animals’

      One of the landmark veg books of the past couple years is Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer. The book details the horrors we inflict on our fellow animals due to our self-defeating urge to eat meat. The author employed two fact checkers to enhance the reliability of the book.
      Eating Animals has been a big seller and Safron Foer has appeared frequently in the media. One indication of the book’s reach is that after attending last month’s IVU World Vegetarian Congress in Jakarta , a VSS member tried to buy a copy at a bookshop at Jakarta airport, but it was sold out. Better get your own copy soon!


      Recipes on Prof Campbell’s Website

      In 2009, VSS had the honour of organising a visit to SG by T. Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus of at Cornell University and author of The China Study.

      Plus, you can even join a cruise, Holistic Holiday at Sea VIII, in which Prof Campbell will be participating:


      Biggest Loser Coach Goes Vegan

      Bob Harper, one of the coaches on the US version of tv’s Biggest Loser discusses growing up on a cattle farm and why he follows a vegan diet: http://tiny.cc/msczw


      A Must Read on Fish

      The figure we often use for non-human land animals eaten annually be humans is 60 billion. According to a new report, the figure for fish may be 1 trillion! Here’s a summary and some commentary by Peter Singer:



      Arguments Against Being Veg

      Recently, a reader suggested we reprint an article from the Care2 website - http://www.care2.com - that lists responses to frequently heard argument against being veg. Below is the first one. Here’s hoping that all your arguments are friendly ones.
      ARGUMENT #1: If we didn't eat animals, they would quickly overpopulate the planet and most likely starve to death.
      The population of domesticated farm animals in the USA in 2008 is estimated roughly at around 20 billion. This figure is quite small since the actual number of animals slaughtered for food for the US was 10,270,019,000 (that's: ten billion, two hundred seventy million, nineteen thousand animals). What this means is farm animals outnumber human beings by a 65 to 1 ratio in the USA .
      As it may appear from these statistics, non-human animal populations seem to already be vastly out of control. You might think that to kill these animals would be the best solution since they are already consuming 80% of our corn grown in this country and 60 billion pounds of our soy each year, but unfortunately no matter how many animals Americans kill and eat each year, there continues to be more of them.
      The reason for this is quite simple. Animal farmers have intensive breeding operations where they artificially inseminate as many female animals as possible to create even more offspring than the year before. Without giant egg hatcheries and other artificial forms of breeding, animals would never have any hope of reaching, let alone sustaining, current populations.
      As far as animals suffering from starvation due to over population goes, the amount of grains and other crops consumed by US livestock is enough to feed 800 million human (animals) who are currently starving to death worldwide.
      The argument against a vegan lifestyle stated above could also be reworded to read as "But if we didn't slit the throats of animals and eat their flesh, they might die horrible deaths."



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